101+ Ideas For Your Retirement Bucket List

Now you’re retired it’s important to know what you want to do in retirement. And creating a bucket list can be a very helpful tool to have goals, focus and make to most out of your retirement. So if you’re looking for inspiration and ideas for your retirement bucket list. You have come to the right place. Below is a list of 101+ ideas you can add to your retirement bucket list.

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Travel – Retirement Bucket List Ideas

  1. Visit all the 50 states in the US
  2. Visit the Amazon
  3. Step foot on Antarctica
  4. Road trip through Australia
  5. See Ayers Rock, Australia
  6. Road trip through New Zealand
  7. Make a Eurotrip
  8. Go to all the US National Parks
  9. Drive route 66
  10. See the northern lights (Alaska or Scandinavia)
  11. Drive the Pacific Coast Highway in California
  12. Stand Under the Hollywood Sign in California
  13. Ride on a Cable Car in San Francisco
  14. Drive or Walk the Las Vegas Strip
  15. Explore the Everglades in Florida
  16. Visit Cuba
  17. Visit Alcatraz in San Francisco
  18. Drive the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
  19. See the Niagara Falls
  20. Stand in Time Square New York
  21. Visit Mount Rushmore in South Dakota
  22. See Buckingham Palace in London
  23. Visit the White House in Washington D.C.
  24. See the Opera House in Sydney, Australia
  25. Ride the Orient Express
  26. See the Great Migration in Masai Mara (Kenya) or Serengeti (Tanzania)
  27. Go on a Safari in Africa
  28. Take a Caribbean Cruise
  29. Ride the Trans-Siberian Railway
  30. Visit Machu Picchu, Peru
  31. Walk on the Salt Flat (Salar de Uyuni), Bolivia
  32. Explore Patagonia, Chile/Argentina
  33. Walk the Great Wall, China
  34. Visit Plitvice Lakes, Croatia
  35. See the Pyramids in Egypt
  36. Visit the Game of Thrones city Dubrovnik, Croatia
  37. Sail among the Greece Islands
  38. Visit Acropolis in Athens, Greece
  39. Visit Mayan Ruins in Mexico
  40. Walk Across Abbey Road in London, England
  41. Watch the Sunset in Meteora, Greece
  42. Visit Bangkok, Thailand
  43. See Stonehenge, England
  44. Visit the Tulip Fields in Spring, The Netherlands
  45. See the Big Five in Kruger National Park, South Africa
  46. Visit Robben Island in Cape Town, South Africa
  47. Walk Dune 45, Namibia
  48. Drive from Alaska all the way south to Patagonia
  49. Go on a Cruise Around the world
  50. Visit the Grand Canyon
  51. See the Taj Mahal, India
  52. Visit the Ancient Ruins of Petra, Jordan
  53. Visit Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
  54. Road trip through Tuscany, Italy
  55. Visit Sagrada da Familia in Barcelona, Spain
  56. Visit Louvre in Paris, France
  57. Visit All 7 Continents
  58. Drive Maui’s Road to Hana, Hawaii
  59. Visit Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania, Romania
  60. Go on a Mississippi River Cruise

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Experiences – Retirement Bucket List Ideas

  1. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
  2. Hike Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
  3. Go Bungy jumping
  4. Go Skydiving
  5. Go Parasailing in Cape Town
  6. Go on a Hot Air Balloon Safari, Kenya
  7. Hike the Pacific Crest Trail, USA
  8. Buy an old van and transform it into a campervan
  9. Catch a Wave with Surfing
  10. Learn to Kitesurf
  11. Ride a Zipline In the Jungle, Costa Rica
  12. Go Fly Boarding
  13. Go White Water Rafting
  14. Go Indoor Skydiving
  15. Get PADI Open Water Diving Certificate
  16. Go Snowboarding
  17. Go Skiing
  18. Go On a Police Ride Along
  19. Become a Volunteer Fire Fighter
  20. Go Scuba Diving
  21. Make a Wish in the Trevi Fountain in Italy
  22. Stay at an Ice Hotel
  23. Ride a Hot Air Balloon over Cappadocia, Turkey
  24. Abseil down a Waterfall
  25. Go on a Scenic Helicopter Ride
  26. Sleep in an Overwater Bungalow in Bora Bora
  27. Go Up the Eiffeltower in Paris, France
  28. Hike Between the Towns of Cinque Terre, Italy
  29. Attend a Thai Boxing Match in Thailand, Italy
  30. Ride in a Gondola in Venice, Italy,
  31. Attend a Formula 1 Grand Prix
  32. Visit a (Maasai) Tribe in Kenya
  33. Trek to Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal
  34. Have a White Christmas
  35. Hike through Rice Terraces in Bali, Indonesia
  36. Do a Bali Swing, Indonesia
  37. Witness Shooting stars
  38. Witness a Solar eclipse
  39. Go Geocaching in Your Neighbourhood
  40. Go Magnet Fishing in River Nearby
  41. Experience Weightlessness
  42. Hike on the Appalachian Trail, USA
  43. Listen to New Orleans Jazz at Preservation Hall
  44. Visit Disney Land or World with Your Grandchildren
  45. Sign up for Space Camp
  46. Go Back to Summer Camp
  47. Arrive by Seaplane
  48. Go to Moulin Rouge in Paris, France
  49. Chase a Tornado
  50. Herd Cattle
  51. Sleep in an Igloo
  52. Sleep in a Yurt, Mongolia
  53. Attend a Traditional Wedding Party in Lombok, Indonesia
  54. Hike an Active Volcano
  55. Swim in an Aquarium
  56. Watch the Sunrise & Sunset in one Day
  57. Go Whale Watching
  58. See Orca’s around Vancouver Island, Canada
  59. Become a TV Game Show Contestant
  60. Be an Extra in a Hollywood Movie

Best Travel Recourses To Book Your Trip

We travel full-time, so we put together a list of the best and most reliable booking recourses to book your trip in retirement. It can save you a ton of money and it will make your planning less stressful. We use the following recourses all the time so we can highly recommend them.

  • Rentalcars.com: For the best car rental deals, I can highly recommend Rentalcars.com. It’s the world’s biggest online car rental service, where you can compare rental car prices from over 900 companies. It can save you a ton of money that you can now spend on fun things to do on your trip. Check out Rentalcover for better coverage and cheaper car rental insurance.
  • Booking.com: For the booking the best accommodation, I can highly recommend Booking.com. They have over 800,000 properties worldwide including hotels, apartments, and hostels. You get the best price guarantee and free cancellation on most rooms. It’s very easy to use and offers a wide selection for every type of budget. You can see scores about cleanliness, location, WiFi, comfort, facilities, and value for money from previous customers to you get a better impression of the accommodation.
  • AirBnB.com: We love using Airbnb while we travel. They connect homeowners who rent out their homes/apartments/ rooms to travelers like you and me. With Airbnb, you’ll get all the comforts of feeling at home while traveling. And you stay at less touristy parts of a destination and get great local travel tips from your host. And often Airbnb is a lot cheaper than the cost of a hotel room. Create an account on Airbnb here.
  • CruiseDirect.com: If you would like to go on a cruise in retirement you should check CruiseDirect for amazing cruise deals around the world. They give the best price guarantee, have flexible payment plans and no booking fees.
  • Tripadvisor.com: World’s best travel platform to get reviews on the best restaurants, attractions and hidden gems worldwide. But also to book cheap flights, hotels, attractions, and experiences.

Please note that these links are affiliate links. When you make a purchase using these links, we may get a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

Food & Drinks – Retirement Bucket List Ideas

  1. Wine Tasting in Stellenbosch, South Africa
  2. Wine Tasting in Napa Valley, California
  3. Eat at a Michelin Star Restaurant
  4. Attend a traditional Thea Drinking Ceremony in China
  5. Create Your Signature Cocktail
  6. Make Your own Beer
  7. Eat Traditional Cheese Fondue, Switzerland
  8. Eat at a Themed Restaurant in Tokyo, Japan
  9. Eat Insects at Chiang Mai’s Sunday Night Market, Thailand
  10. Attend a British Afternoon HighTea in England
  11. Eat Escargots (Snails) in France
  12. Eat Chocolate BonBons in Belgium
  13. Eat Peking Duck in Beijing, China
  14. Drink Fresh Coconut Juice from a Coconut in Azia
  15. Drink Moonshine
  16. Drink Sake in Japan
  17. Drink Beer Made by Munks in Belgium
  18. Enter a Food Competition
  19. Extract Fresh Honey from a Bee Hive
  20. Go Truffle Hunting in Croatia
  21. Eat at a Southern BBQ in the South
  22. Enjoy a Braai in South Africa
  23. Eat the Famous Beignets at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans
  24. Eat a Philly Cheesesteak in Philadelphia
  25. Organize a Wine Tasting at Home
  26. Start a Cooking Club
  27. Partake in a Food Fight
  28. Recreate Your Grandmother’s Famous Recipe
  29. Take a Cooking Class
  30. Build a Pizza Oven in Your Backyard
  31. Eat Caviar
  32. Learn How to Make Sushi
  33. Organize a Neighborhood BBQ
  34. Drink at a Dive Bar
  35. Fillet a Fish
  36. Organize a Dinner Party
  37. Make a Gingerbread House
  38. Learn to Use Chopsticks
  39. Start a Vegetable Garden
  40. Write a CookBook

Wildlife – Retirement Bucket List Ideas

  1. Feed the Swimming Pigs in Exuma in the Bahamas
  2. Go Cage Diving with Great White sharks in South Africa
  3. Swim with Humpback Whales in Tonga
  4. Swim with Whale Sharks in Mexia, Australia, Philippines
  5. See Wild Orang-Utans in Sumatra, Indonesia
  6. Dive with Sharks in Bahama’s
  7. Swim with Manatees, Florida
  8. Swim with Wild Dolphins, New Zealand
  9. Swim with Stingrays in Cozumel, Mexico
  10. Go Dog Sledding in Finland
  11. Go on a Gorilla Trek in Uganda
  12. Volunteer for a Day at an Elephant Rescue, Thailand
  13. Swim with Sea Turtles in Hawaii
  14. Swim with Lemon Sharks in Sal, Cape Verde
  15. See Polar Bears in Canada
  16. See Penguins in Antartica
  17. See Pandas in China
  18. See Moose in Canada
  19. See Beluga Whales in Canada
  20. See Grizzly Bear in Yellowstone Park
  21. See Koalas and Kangaroos in South Australia
  22. Witness Toucans in Brazil
  23. See Piranha in Amazon River
  24. See Tigers in India
  25. Swim with Manta Rays in Belize
  26. See Sloths in Costa Rica
  27. Snorkel with Seals in South Africa
  28. Swim with Penguins in Galagapos Islands
  29. Hug an Alpaca in Peru
  30. See Alligators in Florida

Events & Festivals – Retirement Bucket List Ideas

  1. Visit the Kentucky Derby
  2. Attend the Mardi Grass in New Orleans
  3. Attend Burning Man Festival in Nevada
  4. Go to Coachella Festival
  5. See a Broadway Musical
  6. Experience New Year’s Eve in New York
  7. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland
  8. Visit the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  9. Attend the Carnival in São Vicent, Cape Verde Islands
  10. Drink a Beer at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany
  11. Attend the Tomatina Festival in Spain
  12. Visit the Lantern Festival in Thailand
  13. Go to the Palio Horse Race in Siena, Italy
  14. Visit Borobudur Temple on Buddha Day, Indonesia
  15. Go the Cheese Market in Gouda, the Netherlands
  16. See the Weeki Wachee Mermaids, Florida
  17. Go to the Gay Pride Festival in San Francisco
  18. Attend a Film Premiere
  19. Go to a Native American Pow Wow
  20. Go to a Cirque du Soleil Show
  21. Go to a Drive-In Movie
  22. Go To Comicon, San Diego
  23. Experience Día de Muertos in Mexico
  24. Attend Songkran Festival in Thailand
  25. Experince Holi Festival in India
  26. Attend the Glastonbury Festival, England
  27. Get Muddy at the Boryeong Mud Festival, South Korea
  28. Celebrate Chinese Year in China
  29. Go to Albuquerque’s Balloon Fiesta
  30. Attend the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  31. Attend a Masqeurade Ball in Venice, Italy
  32. Visit the Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling Event, ENgland
  33. Attend the Fiesta de Cascamorras Festival, Spain
  34. Go to the Up Helly Aa Fire Festival, Scotland
  35. Witness The Monkey Buffet Festival, Thailand

Creative – Retirement Bucket List Ideas

  1. Write a Book
  2. Learn a musical instrument
  3. Learn to Paint
  4. Make Pottery
  5. Take Dance Lessons
  6. Act in a Play
  7. Finish a Do It Yourself Project from Pinterest
  8. Make a Gift Basket
  9. Knit a Scarf
  10. Remodel your Old Clothes
  11. Make a Scrap Book
  12. Make Soap
  13. Make Mosaic Art
  14. Write a Song
  15. Create a Video
  16. Be a Street Performer and Earn Extra Cash
  17. Record a Song
  18. Create an Ice Sculpture
  19. Build a Tree House
  20. Build a Classic Car

5 Retirement Travel Must-Haves

As full-time travelers, we’ve tested a lot of products over the years and that’s why we created this list of items that are must-haves for every traveler. We can highly recommend them without any hesitation:

  1. Travel Hammock: This lightweight hammock is made of ultra-light parachute silk material, fits in a small portable bag and is very-easy-to you use. You can relax easily anywhere: on the beach, by the lake, in the forest, campsite or (rented) home.
  2. The North Face Backpack: a high-quality, versatile and practical daypack from one of the best brands in the world. A great choice no matter what travel plans you have for retirement.
  3. Oasis Kindle E-reader: a waterproof E-reader for unlimited reading while traveling in retirement. It has an adjustable warm light to shift screen shade from white to amber. And it works with Audible so you can switch seamlessly from reading to listening.
  4. Sony Noise-canceling headphone: a world-leading noise-canceling headphone to make your travel trip more comfortable and less exhausting. One of the best travel products out there.
  5. Go Pro Hero 8: one of the best and easiest travel cameras to take on your retirement trip. The built-in stabilizer produces smooth and high-quality videos and images. And because it’s so small it fits in every bag. It’s our go-to-camera wherever we go.

Check out more of my recommendations about the best travel gear here.

Please note that these links are affiliate links. When you make a purchase using these links, we get a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

Relationship – Retirement Bucket List Ideas

  1. Renew Your Wedding Vows
  2. Organize a Suprise Party
  3. Build your Family Tree
  4. Babysit Your Grandchildren
  5. Answer a Personal Ad
  6. Organize a Romantic Date
  7. Find Your Childhood Friends Again
  8. Go on a Blind Date
  9. Go on a Double Date
  10. Help a Stranger
  11. Organize a Family Photo
  12. Create a Family Photo Album
  13. Reconnect with an Old Friend
  14. Make a Road Trip with your Best Friend
  15. Host a Game Night
  16. Become an Airbnb Host
  17. Throw a Themed Party
  18. Get a Drink With a Stranger
  19. Be a Mentor
  20. Get a Pet
  21. Be a Matchmaker
  22. Bake a Cake for Someone Special
  23. Go on a Romantic Getaway
  24. Have a Picnic with Friends and Family
  25. Start a New Tradition with Family

Sports – Retirement Bucket List Ideas

  1. Become a Sports Coach
  2. Run a Marathon
  3. Participate in a Race for Charity
  4. Do a Color Run
  5. Take part in a triathlon
  6. Take up a new sport
  7. Climb a Mountain
  8. Learn to Surf
  9. Go to a World Cup
  10. Visit the Olympics
  11. Sink a hole-in-one
  12. Watch an NFL Championship Game Live
  13. Catch a foul ball
  14. Attend the Fall Classic
  15. Go to a NASCAR race and bring earplugs
  16. Enjoy the halftime show at an HBCU game
  17. Attend Wimbledon
  18. Visit an NBA Game
  19. Attend the Soccer El Classico in Nou Camp, Barcelona
  20. Attend an Australian Football Game

Personal Development – Retirement Bucket List Ideas

  1. Perform a Random Act of Kindness
  2. Learn a new language
  3. Learn a form of martial arts like karate or tai chi for the thrill and self-defense
  4. Practice Meditation (Every Day)
  5. Learn How to Forgive
  6. Learn to Let Go of the Past
  7. Set a Goal and Try to Achieve This Goal Every Day
  8. Visit the (birth)Places of Your Ancestors to Understand More About Your Roots
  9. Do volunteer work
  10. De-clutter Your Home To Create Space for New Things
  11. Get a Full Body Massage and Spa Treatment
  12. Go Back to School
  13. Get a PhD
  14. Start a Business
  15. Watch TEDTalks
  16. Set a Guinness Book of World Record
  17. Make a Difference in Someone’s Life
  18. Pursue Your Passion
  19. Get a Complete Makeover
  20. Live in a Foreign Country for at Least 6 Months
  21. Go Back to Basics in Nature
  22. Eat a Healthier Diet
  23. Conquer Your Biggest Fear
  24. Start a Charity or Movement for a Cause You Believe in
  25. Learn Sign Language
  26. Help Someone in Need
  27. Learn About Other Religions
  28. Become More Confident
  29. Learn How to be Better with Conflicts
  30. Gain enlightenment

Funny – Retirement Bucket List Ideas

  1. Be Part Of or Organize a Flash Mob
  2. Dance in the Pouring Rain
  3. Through a Dart at a World Map and Fly to Wherever it Lands
  4. Stash Money or Something Precious in a Secret Place That You Will Easily Forget, But Will Discover it Later to Suprise Yourself
  5. Put $100 on Black/ Red in Roulette, Las Vegas
  6. Complete a 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
  7. Bet on a Horse Race
  8. Start Your Own YouTube Channel
  9. Make a Snowman
  10. Milk a Cow
  11. Shave a Sheep
  12. Try to Crowd Surf at a Music Festival
  13. Do the Hula
  14. Get Hypnotized
  15. Fly on a Trapeze
  16. Learn a Line Dance
  17. Make a House of Cards
  18. Perform a Magic Trick
  19. Perform Your Favorite Song in a Karaoke Bar
  20. Learn how to Yodel
  21. Find a Treasure With a Metal Detector on the Beach
  22. Learn to Juggle
  23. Recreate a Childhood Picture
  24. Ride on one of the Largest Roller Coasters
  25. Go Skinny Dipping
  26. Share Your Most Embarrassing Moment
  27. Learn How to Survive on a Tropical Island
  28. Test Drive Your Favorite Car
  29. Make a Balloon Animal
  30. Hit bull’s-eye on a Dartboard

Why You Should Create a Retirement Bucket List

A bucket list is a list that people create with things they want to do in life before they “kick the bucket”. Your bucket list contains items of places you want to see, experiences and things you want to do before you die. Your list can either be a very small list with only 10 things or a long list with all the things you’ve always wanted to do. That’s all up to you.

If it feels overwhelming? Stick with 10 items and only replace an item once you checked it off. That’s what we do as well. I can make an endless list with all the things I always wanted to do, but get overwhelmed seeing this long list and as a result, I don’t know where to start and what to do. So, now we have only 10 things on our bucket list that we feel very passionate about and it makes it so much easier to focus on these 10 items.

By creating a bucket list you create more focus, purpose, and direction in you’re retired life. In retirement, it’s important to have goals to strive after. Otherwise, you get bored and you can feel depressed. And by going after exciting new experiences you will feel more alive than ever. Getting out of your comfort zone gives you more confidence and helps you get a positive perspective on life.

And since life is all about making memories. With a bucket list, it’s all about making new memories you can cherish forever. And you’ll have some good stores to tell your grandchildren too.

How To Create a Retirement Bucket List

To start a bucket list it’s best to write down everything you can think of. You can buy a notebook and handwrite your bucket list or make an Excel sheet on your computer. And to make things easy we created 5 steps to help you out creating your retirement bucket list.

Steps to create your retirement bucket list:

  • Step 1: Write everything down you always wanted to do. Go crazy and no dreams are impossible
  • Step 2: Sit on it and let it simmer for awhile
  • Step 3: Time to pare it down. And with paring it down it’s important to know 3 things: What are your priorities in life? Be realistic and What are your ultimate dreams in life?
  • Step 4: Your list is done and starts with the 1 thing that gets you the most excited.
  • Step 5: Enjoy your adventures in retirement.

With creating your bucket list you have to consider your priorities. If you love to go traveling make sure to add a couple of places you’ll always dream about. And if you’ve missed out on experiences or lessons you can add these things to your list as well. Also, include people, you like to spend more time with on your bucket list at the same time.

And make sure the items you add to your bucket list are realistic. It doesn’t feel great if you can’t do anything on your bucket list. So if you have health issues it’s best to consider these issues while creating your bucket list. But keep in mind that goals can be achieved and a dream can come true if you work hard for it. So keep dreams on your bucket list and be realistic at the same time.

Creating a bucket list is not a one-hour work. It takes time so sit on it and take your time to really know what your heart desires. And after you let your retirement bucket list simmer for a while it’s time to pare it down. Trimming your bucket list down helps you focus on the things you really want. And by crossing things of you should consider your finances, physical capabilities, and current world conditions.

After you refined your bucket list you can decide which one-time experiences and trips are most important to you and you want to do first. If you focus on things that get you the most excited, you’ll be more likely to stay positive and enjoy completing your bucket list.

How To Enjoy Your Retired Life

Creating a retirement bucket list is an excellent idea, but how do you make sure you live all your days in retirement to the fullest. Did you know that many retirees struggle in retirement… Because they weren’t prepared for this new chapter in their lives. So my question to you is; are you prepared for your life in retirement? And as a retiree, are you making the most of your time in retirement right now?

  • Do you want to avoid boredom and loneliness in retirement like so many retirees struggle with?
  • Do you want to avoid your retirement from becoming a disappointment?
  • Want to learn how to be (mentally) prepared for retirement?
  • How to follow your dreams and live a happy retired life?
  • How to structure your retirement days and spend time on the things you love to do most?
  • How to get fulfillment in retirement?

Get the How To Retire Guide, including FREE bonus material. It will help you live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling retired life. Whether you are going to retire soon, in a couple of years, or you’re already retired. You want to keep this ‘digital handbook in your back-pocket’ from today and throughout your retirement. 

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Related Questions

How can I earn money after retirement? You can earn money in retirement in many ways: become a mentor, a teacher, freelance consultant, become a driver, sell items on E-Bay, become an Airbnb host, rent your parking space, become an extra in movies or commercials, teaching English as a second language (abroad), sell arts and crafts on Etsy, become a coach, start a business, earn a passive income through blogging or videos on YouTube. Read more: The 50 Best Jobs For Retirees

What NOT to do in retirement? In retirement, it’s best NOT to downsize your house immediately, it’s NOT good to have NO goals to strive after in retirement, DON’T blow your savings right away, DON’T Reduce your social circle, DON’T stay in the house all day: loneliness will creep in, DON’T fall into a routine of bad habits and DON’T think your life is over. Retirement is the beginning of a new chapter in your life, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Be impatient and give yourself time to adjust to this new status. Read more: What Should You NOT Do In Retirement? 11 DONT’s

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I'm Kirsten. In 2017, my boyfriend Léon, and I decided to retire from the rat race to travel the world and work and live location independently. With my articles, I want to help people enjoy and celebrate retirement in the best way possible.

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