Retirement Tips and Tricks Ebook

How To Retire Guide Ebook

Make your retirement the best time of your life with the help of this practical Ebook.

In just a few minutes you discover how to find happiness and fulfilment in retirement that others take years to find.

And you’ll know what mistakes to avoid and what NOT to do in your retirement.

Just the introduction session of a (life) coach will cost you anywhere between $100 to $300 per hour. But you can download my book instantly and begin your retirement adventure today.

The How To Retire Guide (including bonus material) is currently $39  Only $7.

Easy To Read

The Ebook is a PDF File that you can open on any device.
It covers the most asked questions people have about retirement, the challenges, and struggles of (pre) retirement.

Prepare For Retirement

The How To Retire Guide is more than just a book. It’s a handbook that guides you through all the stages of retirement.

Easy To Use Templates

With the Daily Retirement Schedule Template & Budget Calculator you can easily get the most out of your retirement

Useful Tips

Avoid The Mistakes Most Retirees Make

  • Didn’t Have Something To Retire To
  • Not Saving Enough Money
  • Not Having A Plan For Their Free Time In Retirement
  • Not Having Retirement Goals

Retirement planning is so much more than just planning for the financial part. Many people forget to prepare for this new lifestyle, and when reality kicks in, they are often overwhelmed. 

This book teaches you how to prepare for this next chapter in your life. It inspires you on all the things you can do in retirement that aligns with your heart and soul. 

So that you can make your retirement the best time of your life!