The 40 Best Drive By Retirement Party Decorations

You’re hosting or visiting a drive-by retirement party and you’re looking for fun decorations. Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ve listed the best drive-by retirement party decorations. So continue reading.

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1) Retirement Balloons

Decorate your car and the retiree’s house with these funny retirement party balloons.

2) Retirement Car Banner

Decorate your car also with this happy retirement car banner.

3) Drive By Retirement Party Lawn Signs

Decorate the lawn with these fun retirement party lawn signs.

4) Honk I’m Retired Signs

A drive-by retirement party isn’t a party without the sound of honking cars and that’s why you need these fun Honk! I’m Retired lawn signs.

5) Retirement Cake Toppers

A retirement party isn’t a party without cake. It’s easy to give your guests a piece of cake while everyone stays safe.

If you don’t want people to get out of their car you can set up a table (same level as car window) where you either place pieces of retirement cake on disposable plates that guests can grab and go. Or an even easier thing to do is to have cupcakes wrapped in individual wrappers. And to decorate it with a retirement cake topper.

6) Retirement Cupcake Box

When you want to give your guest delicious cupcakes as they drive by you can wrap them individually in these cupcakes boxes. This way no one has to get out of the car or need to touch anything.

7) Retirement Party Decorations Kit

As you decorate your car and the retiree’s house you can use this retirement party decorations kit.

8) Retirement Party Garlands

When the retiree has travel plans in retirement you can hang up these Adventure Awaits Garlands.

9) Retirement Party House Banner

Decorate the retiree’s house with one of these retirement banners.

10) Garden Flag

Hang up this garden flag for a true retiring legend.

11) Retirement Party Favors

If you want your guest to take home a memory of the drive-by party, you can set up a table with retirement party favors. This can be a candy box, a keepsake, or something related to the party theme or retirement plans. Check out a couple of fun ideas below.

12) Retirement Party Goodie Bag

When you’ve selected party favors you also want to put them in a nice retirement goodie bag. And I’ve selected the best retirement goodie bags below.

13) Retirement Party Centerpieces

As you set up tables such as a gift table, retirement cake table, and a table for food and drinks you can decorate the tables with retirement party centerpieces.

14) Retirement Party Swirls

Swirl it up with these retirement party swirls.

15) Retirement Party Photo Backdrop

It can be a fun idea to create a space on the driveway or lawn for guests to take pictures. This way you create an extra memory for guests and the retiree. You can even position the retiree in a way that he or she is in the picture while being at a safe distance. you can use these backdrops on Amazon when you’re creating a fun photo set up. Decorate it, put in a coach for people to sit on.

And as an extra retirement gift, you can collect the photos and stick them in a photo album to give to the retiree as a nice memory.

16) Retirement Party Photo Booth Props

You can add a couple of fun party photo booth props for your photo setup outside to make extra fun photos. Perhaps it’s a good idea to get use one set of props per car. Let guests keep the props they used and add new ones with every photo oppurtinity. This way nobody touches the same stuff and you keeps things safe.

17) Retirement Party Posters

You can use this poster to decorate the house, the garden or your car.

18) Retirement Sash And Tiara

During the drive-by parade, you safely position the retiree in a visible spot and decorate her spot or chair with garlands and balloons. But don’t forget to dress up her as well with an I’m Retired sash and tiara.

19) Retirement Sash And Hat

When you’re organizing this retirement car parade for a male retiree you can dress him up with a Retired sash and funny hat.

20) Retirement Advice And Well Wish Cards

A fun idea for your retirement drive-by party is to have Advice And Well Wish cards. It’s nice for the retiree to have something in writing from all the guests so he or she can read them at a later moment. And it can give the retiree inspiration on what to do in their retirement, which is always a good idea since they’re new to this chapter in their life.

You can set up a table with enough pens (for each person), cards and a wishes jar to put it on. Or you can send these cards along with the invitation so everyone can write their card at home and only drop it off during the drive by party.

21) Retirement Wine Label Pack

If you want to serve wine during the drive-by party you can decorate the wine bottles with these funny retirement wine labels.

22) Party Food Boxes

When you don’t want your guests to go hungry or thirsty you can use these party food boxes to hand out food. For example, a nice brunch box filled with a croissant, orange juice, muffin. Or a lunch box filled with delicious sandwiches, crisps, and a fruit shake, a taco box, hamburger, and fries to go, or a cup filled with cheese and fruit, etc. You can look up all sorts of fun ideas for food station ideas for drive-by parties on Pinterest.

23) Drink Bags

You can use these Reclosable Zipper Bags to hand out drinks to your guests. These bags can hold hot and cold drinks. You can serve coffee, tea, healthy smoothies, and cocktails in these easy to use drink bags. Straws are included. For example, on a hot day freeze in lemonade and everyone has a nice cold drink when they drive by the party.

24) Retirement Party Supplies Set

You can safely serve food and drinks to your guests with this retirement party supplies set.

25) Confetti Cannons

What’s a party without confetti? As you drive by you can shoot confetti with these confetti cannons. But make sure the host is okay with it because it creates a lot of mess in the streets.

26) Champagne Flutes

If you want to organize a toast to honor the retiree and celebrate their retirement you can use these disposable champagne flutes.

27) Retirement Toilet Paper Roll

Need some toiletpaper for the drive by party? This for sure will cause a couple of laughs.

28) Balloon Garland Kit

You can decorate the retirees’ front door or the outdoor photo booth with this beautiful balloon garland kit.

29) Retirement Bucket List

Now that the retiree has all the time in the world, they perhaps need a bit of inspiration for fun things to do. Therefore it can be a nice idea to place a bucket in the driveway where guests can write suggestions and ideas for the retiree’s retirement bucket list.

You can set up a table with a bucket, bucket list suggestion cards, and pens so everyone can write up a bucket list idea and put it in the bucket. Make sure you have enough pens for each person so they can keep the pen and set out clear instructions. This way it all stays safe.

30) Retirement Party Table Cloth

Dress up your tables in the driveway and lawn with this retirement party table cloth.

31) Retirement Party Bunting Flags

Decorate the house and the cars with these bunting flags.

32) Retirement Party Hanging Banner

You can decorate the front door of the retiree’s house with this party hanging banner.

33) LED Strip Lights

Are you organizing a retirement drive by at night? Well, then you need some party lights to ‘light up’ the party and that is possible with these changing LED strip lights (remote control). You can decorate the house or your car.

34) Retirement Party Headband

Add some fun to the drive by party with these fun headbands.

35) Air Horns & Megaphone

Besides honk you car horn you can make extra noise with an airhorn and megaphone.

36) Retirement Drive By Invitations

Don’t forget to send out invitations for the retirement drive by.

37) Retirement Party Hats

Give out these Happy Retirement hats to all the guests.

38) Flower Garlands

Flower decorations are always a good idea.

39) Face Masks

To keep the drive-by retirement party safe make sure to always have a box of disposable face masks at hand.

40) Hand Sanitizer

If you want guests to get out of their cars to either drop of a gift, put an envelope in a card box, get food or drinks or use the restroom, don’t forget to place hand sanitizers on the tables.

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