BENQ E-reading Desk Lamp – Review

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It is essential to have good lighting on your desk, especially when working on your laptop or desktop at night or in a poorly illuminated room. 

Honestly, I never really thought about it. I’m that guy that just switched the light on and started working on my laptop. Sometimes even without extra lighting, even at night. 

The funny thing is that I recently got in touch with BENQ when they asked me to review their BENQ E-reading Desk Lamp. I agreed to it, and they send me the lamp. I was curious about the product, but also a bit skeptical. 

It’s just a lamp, right? How special can it be? But I must say, I’m quite surprised by the quality. The lamp’s unique design illuminates my workplace perfectly, and it’s much more relaxing for the eyes working with the BENQ E-reading desk lamp switch on.  

The BENQ E-reading Desk Lamp is actually the first lamp that’s designed for digital screen time. So if you’re just like the rest of us spending a lot of time looking at screens (working on your laptop, reading an e-book on your e-reader, watching Netflix, etcetera), I recommend buying The BENQ E-reading Desk Lamp. It’s going to be so helpful, avoiding fatigue eyes. Let’s find out more! 

The overall conclusion is that the BENQ E-reading Desk lamp is perfect for reading on your tablet, iPad or E-reader, and you need some extra lighting. And it’s perfect when you use it to illuminate your desk while working on your laptop or desktop. The BENQ E-reading Desk Lamp is available on Amazon; you can find the latest prices here. 

BENQ E-reading Desk Lamp Product Features

Let’s first take a look at what kind of lamp we’re talking about here. BENQ claims that they designed “the world’s first lamp that is specifically designed for digital screen time.”

I feel they did an excellent job with this lamp. The light bar, which is slightly curved, creates a wide space of lighting. As a result, it illuminates your working space completely. 

When I’m comparing the light beam with a traditional lamp, it’s so much better. I’m always annoyed when using a traditional lamp, and it just illuminates a small part of my screen. 

The BENQ E-reading lamp illuminates your complete screen, and you don’t have that annoying reflection of light on your screen. It works perfectly! 

Easy To Set Up

The lamp gets delivered in a large box, and you basically only need to attach two parts. 

Connect the foot and the lamp with a simple screwdriver, and connect the lightning adapter, and you’re good to go! It’s just a simple plug-and-play concept. 

Control Ring to Adjust the Lightning

The one thing that I’m not too fond of that much is the control ring that you use to switch on/ off the lamp and to adjust the lightning to its surroundings. 

Don’t get me wrong. It’s awesome that the lamp can adjust its lightning strength to the surrounding’s brightness, but I feel the control ring works not that good. 

The control ring works on a touch. And if you just touch it once, the desk lamp will switch on or off. It’s very sensitive, so when you want to adjust to lightning to its surroundings, you often struggle a few times with first switching on and off the lamp. 

If you want to use the auto-adjust feature, you need to touch the control ring with two fingers simultaneously. 

It’s just a minor thing, but I feel it can be improved with future developments. 

Key Features of the BENQ E-reading Desk Lamp:

  • Lighting coverage of 35 inches
  • Duo Colored Led 
  • Smart E-reading Mode (Ambient-light sensor will be activated with a touch of the control ring to detect the brightness of the surroundings).
  • High Flexibility – (You can adjust the arm in many positions and angles to create the perfect lighting).

Eye Protective Design – Perfect For Retirees

Have you ever had tired eyes after a long period of screen time? I can say that I have, and it isn’t very pleasant. A headache often follows it, that can truly ruin a part of your day. 

Since I’m using the BENQ E-reading Desk Lamp, I don’t have that problem anymore. I like the part that the lighting can adjust to the brightness of the surroundings. 

As a retiree, you’re spending probably a lot of time reading e-books, writing on your laptop, or other activities that require screen time. Good lighting is essential, especially when you’re getting a bit older, and your eyes need more support. 

The adjustable lighting that comes with the BENQ E-reading Desk Lamp is just perfect for that! 

You can buy the BENQ E-reading Desk Lamp directly on Amazon, use this link to get the latest prices.

Although this is a sponsored post, and I got the BENQ Desk lamp for free in return for this review, I want to emphasize that this is an honest review of the product. I tested the lamp multiple times in different settings and with different activities. I genuinely believe that the BENQ E-reading Lamp is a beneficial product.