What Products Do Seniors Need? | 20 Products Seniors Need Most

What products do seniors need? It’s a question you ask yourself as a senior or someone who’s helping out seniors with independent living. Finding helpful products to make everyday tasks easier is beneficial to stay independent and find more happiness as a senior. To help you out, I created this list of 20 products that seniors need. Let’s find out more! 

1) Personal Alarm System

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Safety is important for all of us, especially when your aging. Suppose you’re alone in the house and unfortunately trip and fall. You’re not able to get up by yourself and don’t have your smartphone with you. Instead of waiting for your spouse to come home or family to visit, you can use your personal alarm system. If you wear the button as a necklace or bracelet, you always have it with you, and in situations when you need help, you just press the button, and someone is coming over to help you. 

MobileHelp is one of the best systems you can use as a personal alarm system. It’s a small device that you can use in and outside your home. MobileHelp is a personal alarm system with a built-in GPS tracker so that you can use it everywhere you go. The system connects with the MobileHelp emergency operators, who will connect you to the emergency responders closest to your location. 

MobileHelp is the perfect product for seniors when looking for a medical alarm system and more safety. Learn more about MobileHelp here.

2) Hearing Aids

Good hearing helps with staying socially active in retirement. Being able to have conversations with other seniors and people you meet improves your social contacts. For many seniors, their hearing declines when aging. Picking the right hearing aid is even more important because you miss out on the benefits when using a hearing aid that doesn’t fit right. 

Using Otofonix hearing aids might be the perfect match for every senior. Otofonix has over a decade of experience and helped more than 120 thousand Americans with better hearing. Learn more about Ortofonix here

3) Robotic Companion Pet

Many seniors experience loneliness. Maybe you one of them as well. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. The weird contradiction is that you’re not alone in this. A great product that seniors need if they want to fit loneliness is a companion robotic pet from Joy For All. This robotic pet has all the benefits of a regular pet, but you don’t have to worry about giving it food, take it for a walk, and other stuff. It’s the perfect product for a lonely senior who is in need of attention. Get a companion robotic pet here.

4) Smarthome Device

A smart home device makes your life even more accessible. It’s a product that everyone needs in their houses, especially seniors. With a smart home device, you can control your music and what to watch on TV. It’s possible to surf the internet, follow the news, and connect with friends and family. You can connect the device with a smart thermostat and control your temperature even when you not at home. You can also install a video doorbell so that you can easily see who is at your door without walking to the door. 

The most popular smart home hubs are Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, which are both voice-based, virtual assistants. It’s a personal choice which one you prefer. Most add-on products like thermostats and video doorbells can connect with both devices. Find out which smart home device is best for you.

5) Video Doorbell  

One of the best add ons for your smart home hub is a video doorbell. A video doorbell helps you see who is at the door, even when you’re not home. And when you are at home, you don’t have to walk up the door to see who is there. Most video doorbells even have a voice function, which allows you to speak to the person at your door. Amazon Ring Video Doorbell is a great option when you use Amazon Alexa as well, you can find out more on Amazon.

6) Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a product every senior needs to create an intelligent home with easy access. It’s a helpful device that controls the temperature in your house and has a built-in AI that remembers the periods when you want to turn on the heating or when you want to have a colder temperature. This way, you always have the perfect temperature in your house. You can even control the thermostat when you’re not at home. The Ecobee Smart Thermostat is a great option when you’re using Amazon Alexa as well.

7) Bedroom Temperature Control Device

Having good quality sleep is related to healthy aging. Your bedroom and mattrass temperature are one of the most important factors when it comes to quality sleep. The Ooler Sleep System of ChiliSleep controls the temperature of your mattress so that you can always sleep at an ideal temperature. It is allowing you to have deeper sleep cycles, which in turn result in better quality sleep. It’s an essential product for seniors who are having trouble sleeping.

8) Prescription Glasses

Aging often comes with general, minor problems. There is a good chance that as a senior you need glasses, either for reading, sight in general, or both. If you need glasses, you want to look good wearing them. Glasses need to be both functional and fashionable. Wearing glasses is an extension of how you look. You’ll feel better when you know that you look good. It can be challenging to find the glasses that fit you the best, but if you use the service of GlassesShop, you’ll have access to a wide selection of modern glasses so that you can pick the right model that fits you the best.

9) Automatic Pill Dispenser

Taking medicine and supplements on time is essential for many seniors. However, it can be challenging to remember when you need to take your pills. Of course, there are many tools available that help you remember when it’s time for your pills. You can set a daily alarm on your phone, for example. But what if I told you that you could automate this process? 

With the Hero Pill Dispenser, you only need to add your pills every 90 days. You can set the program with the helpful smartphone app, and your pills will be ready for you every day at the same time. The only thing you need to do is take them. The Hero Pill Dispenser is an essential product for every senior with a wide variety of daily medicine. Learn more here. 

10) Vitamins & Health Checks

Taking the right vitamin supplements and using health checks are essential for seniors. Vitamin supplements help with aging and feeling fit and strong. Health checks are important to learn if you need to change something to the way your life or need to take other vitamins or change your diet. When using the service of LifeExtension, you can do health checks and get advice on the vitamins you should take all in once. It’s a beneficial product for many seniors.

11) Kitchen Opening Tool

A kitchen opening tool is something you need in every kitchen. Honestly, I use this tool myself frequently because it’s just easier to open cans and jars with it. However, many seniors mention that the strength in their hands declines with aging. So, a kitchen opening tool will be an extra helpful accessory in your kitchen. There are many different tools available, but I always like to keep it as simple as possible. For example, this easy jar opener is available on Amazon.

12) Grab Bars

When you have trouble standing up from the toilet seat or walking into the shower cabin, it’s time to install some grab bars. These handy tools help you to keep your balance when you need to take a higher step. Or stand up or sit down at a lower seat like the toilet. 

13) Grabber Reacher Tool

Sometimes I use this grabber reacher tool that my mom uses all the time. I think it’s super-handy for me when something is out of reach. For example, when a toy is under the couch. But when you have trouble with bending to reach something on the floor, this grabber reacher tool is the ideal accessory you need at home. You can buy them on Amazon. 

14) Vacuum Cleaning Robot 

Are you tired from vacuum cleaning your home? It’s something you don’t want to spend your time on, right? So, why not use a robot cleaner!? It’s the perfect way to make your life easier. It saves you time and helps keep your house clean! Learn more about the best vacuum cleaners here. 

15) Power Lift Recliner Chair

A power lift recliner chair is a perfect chair when you have trouble standing up. My mother has mobility issues and difficulty getting up out of her chair. Since she has a power lift recliner chair, she can get up much easier. The chair lifts you to a height you’re almost standing, so you can easily walk away. It’s a chair I would recommend for every senior! Learn more here. 

16) Stair Lift

When you’re getting older, it’s probably more difficult to walk up the stairs, which can become a problem if your life in a house with multi-level flooring. Living at home independently as long as possible is something you probably strive for as a senior. So, installing a stairlift is helpful and maybe a necessary product if you want to live at home and have trouble walking up the stairs. Learn more about stairlifts here. 

17) Walkers

Not only walking up the stairs but regular walking can also become more challenging when you get older. You might have difficulty keeping your balance when walking outside or at home. Using a walker can be beneficial. A walker is a helpful product that helps you to keep your mobility. You’re still able to get outside and go for a nice walk in the park using a walker.

18) Mobility Scooter

When you have trouble walking long distances at once, maybe it’s time for a mobility scooter. My mother uses one because she has difficulty walking. For her, the mobility scooter is like riding a bicycle for me. It gets her everywhere she wants. This electric scooter is comfortable and can go for long distances. It’s the perfect product if you like to go for longer trips outside.

19) Key Turner

Opening your door is essential to get inside your house. But what if you have trouble holding and turning your key. It’s something you might not think of right away, but many seniors have trouble with it. For example, when you have health issues like arthritis, it can be difficult to hold things. This easy key turner is a helpful product that helps you hold and turn your key much easier.

20) Gardening Seat

When you’ve read some of my articles about staying fit as a senior and in retirement, you probably remember that gardening is one of the best activities you can do when you get older. When you’re busy gardening, you use all your muscles, so it improves your strength. Gardening also is a mindful activity that challenges you mentally. 

However, when you find it challenging to sit on your knees and getting up multiple times in a row, you probably want to use a helpful tool. This gardening seat is perfect for that! It helps you sit low to the ground, so you can easily reach the plants and herbs, and it allows you to do your gardening activities. Get it here. 

Medicare Coverage For Senior Products

You probably ask yourself, does Medicare cover these additional products? I found this interesting and helpful article on Healthline.com that describes the different coverages in Medicare plans. They use the example of coverage for hearing aids. 

In short, Medicare parts A & B don’t cover additional products like hearing aids, vision (glasses), or dental services. Medicare Part A is hospital insurance. Medicare Part B is medical insurance covering doctor services, outpatient care, medical supplies, and preventive services. Sometimes when there’s a medical reason for it, Medicare Part B can cover the use of medical products, which depends on your individual situation. 

Learn more about the Medicare coverage on the official Medicare site of the US government here

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