100 Ideas To Put In A Care Package For Elderly People

Do you want to send a special elderly person a care package to brighten up their day? Then you might wonder, what to put in a care package for the elderly?

Well, no need to look further because I’ve listed 100 amazing ideas and care package items that you can put in your care package for your elderly loved ones. Ready? Let’s unpack!

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Personal Care Items

An easy and affordable way to make elderly parents and loves ones feel pampered is to include self-care items in your care package. Whether they are at home feeling lonely, moving into a nursing home, or feeling sick these care package items below will make them feel taken care of even when you’re not physically there.

1) Body lotion

2) Body Scrub

3) (Favorite) Soaps

4) Shower Steamers

5) Toothpaste

6) Toothbrush

7) Shampoos

8) Foot Scrub

9) Hand cream

10) Mini Handheld Back Massager

11) Foot Mask

12) Hand Mask

13) Face Mask

14) Foot Bath

15) Electric Toothbrush

16) Gratitude Journal

17) Manicure Tool Set

18) Vitamines

You can also send a ready-to-go Self-Care Gift Box from Cratejoy to your elderly person to save you some time. This particular box has many great reviews and has become very popular because of Oprah, Forbes, Today Show, and Good Morning America.

Snacks & Treats Package Items

A care package is not complete without a couple of delicious treats and snacks. If you don’t know it’s best to go for soft snacks as they are easier to chew and digest.

19) Freshly Baked Cookies

20) Their favorite snacks such as candy or chocolate bars

21) Fruit

22) Cookie dough (great if they’re still able to bake/ cook)

23) Gourmet Coffee

24) Craft Beers

25) Bottle of Wine

26) Cannes of Soup

27) Cheese

28) Pudding

29) Cupcakes

30) Applesauce

31) Gift card to their favorite restaurant

32) Freezer meals

33) Dried Fruits

34) Muffins

35) Donuts

This 45 piece Snack Box from CraveBox at Amazon iincludes a mix of sweet, salty, savory, and healthy snacks.

Comfort & Relaxing Care Package Items

A typical care package always includes some comforting items and products to help people relax more. Below I’ve listed some ideas you can put in your care package, but you can also check out this Just Relax Gift Basket from Design It Yourself Gift Baskets that you can further personalize and customize.

36) Foot Bath Massager

37) Essential Oils and Diffuser

38) Calming Herbal Tea

39) Bath Bombs

40) Non-Slip Thermal Socks

41) Blanket

42) Scented (Stress Relief) Candles

43) Soft Towels

44) Slippers

45) Hooded Blanket Sweatshirt

46) Cozy Sherpa Fleece Blanket

47) Acupressure Mat

48) Sleep Mask

49) Fragrant Spray

50) Neck Pillow

51) Wearable Blanket with Sleeves

52) ‘You’re Amazing’ Coffee Mug

53) At-Home Spa Kit

54) Back and Neck Massager

55) Scalp Massager

Activities & Entertainment Package Items

A great addition to your care package is some fun games and entertainment items. It’s even very healthy for elderly people to exercise their brains with all sorts of puzzles and creative activities. Perhaps you know what they loved doing before so you can include these items in the care package. Or just send a couple of different fun activities for them to try out. Anyways, below are some great ideas.

66) Movie Gift Card

67) Sudoku Puzzle

68) Adult Coloring Book

69) Crossword Puzzle

70) Jigsaw Puzzle

71) Large Print Book

72) Google Home or Alexa as a virtual assistant

73) E-reader to read books and listen to audiobooks. Check best reviewed here >>

74) Word Scramble

75) Word Search Puzzles

76) Subscription to a video streaming platform

77) Sticker by number

A perfect ready-to-go care package is this Boredom Buster Gift box from Design It Yourself Gift Box, including tea, soup, puzzle book, adult coloring book, and colored pencils.

Arts & Crafts Gift Ideas

Doing a creative activity is a perfect brain exercise but also a powerful mood booster. So when you want to cheer up an elderly person for the long term, make sure to include an arts & crafts kit in your care package. Maybe they’ve found their new favorite hobby because of you.

78) Diamond Painting Set

79) Paint by Number Kit

80) Knitting Kit

81) Crocheting Kit

82) Painting Set

83) Adult Coloring Books (also available in large prints)

84) Stationery

85) Pens & Pencils

86) Water Painting Art Pack

Another great gift box is this Beat The Boredom Gift Box at Amazon that is especially designed for seniors including Coloring Books, Large Print Crossword and Word Search books, Playing Cards, Colored Pencils, Pencil Sharpener, Pens, and Pencils.

Personal Touch Care Package Items

A care package becomes more special with a personal touch and customized gifts. And here are some ideas you can put in the care package to make them feel extra special:

87) CD With Their Favorite Music

88) Framed (family) Photo

89) Coupons Made By Grandchildren

90) Photo Blanket

91) TIP! Digital Photo Frame >> (familymembers can send new photos to the frame within seconds)

92) Digital Photo Keychain

93) Photo Pillow

94) Engraved Candle with toughtful message or poem

95) Custom Moon Lamp With Photo

96) Custom Hand Painted Portrait Painting of their favorite portrait/ family photo or pet. For more information visit ArtToYourLife.com

Ready To Go Gift Basket Ideas For Seniors

To make things easy here are some ready to go gift baskets for different occasions:

97) Sending Hugs Care Package >>

98) Happy Birthday Gift Basket >>

99) Get Well Soon Cookie Gift Basket >>

100) Love and Support Care Package >> (all sorts of occassions)

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