140 Amazing Hobbies For Your Retired Mom (That She’ll Love)

When you wonder, what are some great hobbies for my retired mom? You’re in the right place! I’ve listed 140 amazing hobbies for your retired mom in this article that she will love. And I also listed amazing hobby-related gifts, so you can show your support in a tangible way. Ready? Let’s unpack right away!

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Art & Crafts Hobbies For Retired Mom

Many retired women love to do get creative but are hesitant. They don’t know what to do or where to start exploring for a new creative hobby in retirement. That is why I listed a couple of great arts & crafts hobbies below so you can help your mother out. A great gift for your mom is an Adult & Crafts subscription box from Cratejoy with fun & new craft projects delivered to her door every month (all of the tools, materials, and instructions are included). Interested?

1) Rock Painting

2) Scrapbooking

3) Antiquing

4) Knitting

5) Calligraphy

6) Candle Making

7) Coloring

8) Cross-stitching

9) Drawing

10) Flower Arranging

11) Flower Pressing

12) Macramé

13) Jewelry Making

14) Diamond Painting

15) Leather Crafting

16) Painting

17) Upcycling

18) Photography – There is an amazing Online Photography Masterclass by Annie Leibovitz to gift your mom.

19) Pottery

20) Sewing

21) Soap Making

22) Wood Working

23) Ceramics

24) Mosaic Making

25) Nail Art

26) Comic Strip Book Making

27) Bird House Making

28) Family Photo Album Making

Food Hobbies For Retired Mom

Food-related hobbies can be fun for your mom to explore. And I’ve got the perfect gift you can give to support her: The Gift Of Masterclass. This streaming platform has over 100+ different online classes from the world’s greatest. And 20+ online classes related to food from the best chefs in the world. Your mom can upgrade her cooking skills and explore the secrets of Italian Cuisine, Mexican Food, French pastry Fundamentals, Mixology, and many more fun food classes. You can gift her access to all online cooking classes, from Gordon Ramsay, Massimo Bottura, Thomas Keller, Alice Waters, and many other world’s best chefs. Interested?

29) Cooking

30) Baking

31) Mixology (Cocktail Making)

32) Wine Making

33) Beer Brewing

34) Sommelier (certified wine taster)

35) Cake Decorating

36) Dining Out

37) Latte Art

38) Molecular Gastronomy

39) Grilling

40) Bread Making

41) Pasta Making

42) Chocolate- and pâtisserie-making

43) Vegetable Growing

44) Hot Sauce Making

45) Cheese Making

Physical/ Outdoor Hobbies For Retired Mom

If your mom is more adventurous and loves to be active or outdoors, then one of the following hobbies can be a great new hobby for your retired mom. You can show support by gifting her activewear, supplies, or outdoor gear that she needs to follow through with a new hobby. You can almost find anything you need on Amazon.com. An even better support sign is to find a hobby you can both do together.

Also, when you’re trying to find a new hobby for your mom, there is a great starting point for this journey. Ask your mom what she loved doing as a kid. The chances are that she still loves the same things or similar kinds of hobbies that give her the same kind of satisfaction. This way you’ll be able to guide your retired mom in the right direction.

46) Archery

47) Swimming

48) Biking

49) Bowling

50) Dancing

51) Stand Up Paddleboarding

52) Golfing

53) Hiking

54) Ice Skating

55) Martial Arts

56) Running

57) Surfing

58) Tennis

59) Gardening – There is an amazing online gardening class on Masterclass by Ron Finley.

60) Astronomy

61) Bird Watching

62) Camping

63) Hiking

64) Geocaching

65) Fishing

66) Kayaking

67) Sailing

68) Scuba Diving

69) Snorkeling

70) Skiing

71) Snowboarding

72) Traveling

73) River Rafting

74) Ballet

75) Flag Football

76) Basketball – Gift her a fun Basketball Online MasterClass taught by Stephen Curry

77) (Aqua) Aerobics

78) Volleyball

Social Hobbies For Retired Mom

One of the most important keys to a happy and healthy retirement for your mom is to stay socially active. This can avoid depression, loneliness, and other physical and mental diseases. So if your mom feels lonely, you can look for fun hobbies with a social aspect. I’ve listed a couple of fun social hobbies below your retired mom can try out. You can support her by finding these hobbies through social media, Meetup or local community center.

79) Dating – For more information read my article: How To Meet Senior Singles

80) Dinner Club

81) Host Game/ Quiz Nights

82) Wedding Officiant

83) Singing

84) Airbnb Hosting

85) Acting

86) Bingo

87) Wine Tasting Club

88) Volunteering – Read more about it in my article: Why Do Retirees Volunteer?

89) Team Sports

90) Mentoring/ Coaching

91) Dog Training

92) Pet Sitting

93) Line Dancing

94) Cheerleading – Get inspired by this senior cheerleading squad:

Indoor/ Mental Hobbies

Just as social interaction is important, so is staying mentally active as well. Challenging your brain on a regular basis keeps it young and healthy.

If your mom loves to stay at home, there are awesome hobbies she can start exploring. As I mentioned earlier, giving her a subscription to Masterclass will help her not to feel bored with over 100+ different online classes she’ll have access to. She can learn at any device, at any time, and at her own pace.

Check out some other fun hobbies your retired mom can do at home or any other room indoors:

95) Reading – With a Kindle Ereader and Kindle Unlimited, you gift your retired mom unlimited access to thousands of (audio)books.

96) Board Gaming

97) Cross Word Puzzles

98) Home Decorating

99) Jigsaw Puzzling

100) Learning A New Language

101) Writing (poetry, book, play, movie script, columns) Gift your mom access to Online Writing Masterclasses by the World’s famous writers.

102) Learning A Musical Instrument

103) Investing

104) Lego Building

105) Modeling

106) Home Science Experiments

Online Hobbies For Retired Mom

107) Blogging

108) Genealogy – Gift your retired mom a My Heritage DNA test to reveal her unique ethnic background and match her with newfound relatives and descendants among 2,114 geographic regions.

109) Craigslisting

110) Listening To Podcasts

111) Start An Online Business (Etsy, Blog, Youtube Channel)

112) Radio Show Making

113) Video-Editing

114) Online Classes – The Gift Of Masterclass

Spiritual Hobbies For Retired Mom

115) Astrology

116) Yoga

117) Meditation

118) Tarot Reading

119) Journaling – A nice gift is the 3 Minute Positivity Journal

Unusual Hobbies For Retired Mom

120) Beekeeping

121) Billiards

122) Collecting (Rocks, Coins, etc)

123) Go Kart Racing

124) Graffiti Art

125) Hula Hooping

126) Juggling

127) Glass Blowing

128) Magic

129) Metal Detecting

130) Origami

131) Pickling & Canning

132) Darts

133) Bonsai

134) Car Restoration

135) House Swapping

136) Ax Throwing

137) Sand Castle Making

138) Urban Sketching

139) Wood Burning

140) Toy Voyaging

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