10 Amazing Gifts To Give Your Coworkers When You Retire

You are retiring soon and as the retirement date is coming closer you might wonder, what to give my coworkers when I retire?

Well, no need to look further because I’ve listed 10 Amazing Gifts To Give Your Coworkers When You Retire in this article. So continue reading.

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But before we unpack, I want to tell you this first: “Congratulations on achieving this major milestone!” I’m here to help you smooth into retirement with ease and joy.

10) Thank You Tumbler

Your coworker’s coffee will taste a lot better when they drink it out of this Thank You For Being Awesome Tumbler. It is made from premium 304 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, which keeps hot drinks steaming and cold beverages icy for hours.

9) Jar Of Smiles

Put a smile on your coworker’s face with this Jar of Smiles filled with inspirational quotes for inspiration, love, and laughter. An ideal gift for coworkers who need inspiration and encouragement when you’re not there.

8) “Thanks For Taking The Thyme To Help Me Grow!” Office Plant

This cheerful office plant will make someone’s day every day. And it shows that you really appreciate them in a unique way. It comes with a wooden cube that says “Thanks For Taking The Thyme To Help Me Grow!” and a thyme growing kit.

7) Vanilla Cookies Gift Set

This cookie gift set that says Donut know… how to Thank You will put a smile on any coworker’s face. It’s a sweet way to say thank you and show your appreciation for all these years working together. The set includes 2 large, homemade 2.5 x 4.5-inch mouthwatering vanilla sugar cookies. Who doesn’t love that?

6) Personalized Gift Box

Greetabl makes gift giving very easy. It is a gift box, greeting card, gift card, and card bundled in one. You can build a personalized gift box, craft a special message, upload personal photos, select a great gift, and select a gift card of choice from people’s favorite shops and places. A very memorable gift for your coworkers and easy for you to create.

5) Mini Desktop Punching Bag

If you’re looking for a funny gift to hand out to the office, this Desktop Boxing Gift is a great idea. Especially when there is a lot of stress, this funny gesture will be very much appreciated and causes a smile on their face. Every time they punch this boxing bag, they’ll be thinking of you.

4) Gratitude Gift Box

This gift box is perfect for women. Or for that special female coworker, you want to honor with a gift. It is filled with a 100% Soy Lemon Verbena Eucalyptus Candle with a wood wick, a white tumbler with lid, stainless steel straw & cleaning brush, an all-natural almond coconut scrub soap, plus a Thank You Card you can write a personal note.

3) Funny Retired Business Card

Handing out “I’m Retired, Ask Someone Else” Business Cards is always a fun idea. It’s fun for you but also for the recipient. Perfect for your last days at work, because you’re going to retire anyway so who cares what you do. Why not have a few laughs in your last week.

2) Healing Energy Rock

This “Gratitude” Heart Rock duo is a thoughtful gift to gift your coworkers when you retire. It is a perfect gift for someone you deeply care about. It has healing energy because the stone Green Aventurine is known to promote soothing energy and a feeling of appreciation for the things we are grateful for in our lives. The soothing energy will boost a feeling of well-being.

1) NOT My Job Stamp

Another fun gift to give your coworkers when you retire. This NOT My Job Stamp will boost the humor level at work. Or you can use this on your last day of work to have some fun too.

Kirsten Veldman

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