60 Awesome Retirement Gifts For Your Husband

Your husband is retiring, and you would like to give him a great retirement gift. Well, you’ve come to the right place, because I’m here to help you out! I’ve researched many hours to find the best retirement gifts for your husband. Check out these 60 awesome retirement gifts below.

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1) Annual Membership for Online Masterclass

You can gift your husband a Masterclass of his favorite retirement hobby taught by the best in the world. MasterClass offers a major variety of online masterclasses for all skill levels and ages. From a cooking Masterclass by Gordon Ramsey, Tennis Masterclass by Serena Williams, or a writing Masterclass taught by Dan Brown.

You can gift a single Masterclass or gift your husband an Annual Membership for all Masterclasses on the platform. This is a great idea if your husband is looking for something fun to do in retirement, is always eager to learn something new, and wants to get better at his hobby. Or you give them an amazing opportunity to explore and find their new retirement hobby.

2) Hand-Made Painting

Bring your husband to tears with a beautiful hand-made painting. These hand-made paintings from Paint Your Life are painted by professional artists that create a piece of art from your favorite photo. This can be a photo of your wedding, your favorite pet, your grandchildren, a family group photo, you two together on a holiday, or any other photo that is dear to your and your husband’s heart. It’s definitely one of the most unique and thoughtful retirement gifts out there to give your husband. And you can enjoy it too as you’ll walk past it every day.

Paint Your Life is rated 5/5 on Trustpilot and has over 30,000 satisfied customers. So your gift is in great hands. And if you’re not happy you get 100% of your money back. And shipping is also free. Do I need to say more? Check out all the painting possibilities at Paint Your Life.

2) Personalized Grill Tool Set

A grill king has to have a personalized grill toolset. So if your husband thinks he is the absolute King in Grilling then he deserves his personalized BBQ toolset for all his hard work. Don’t you agree? And this grill set contains a spatula, fork, and tongs grill utensils made from high-quality, durable, rust-resistant stainless steel. You can personalize the bamboo case with laser engraved characters of your choice (up to 15 characters). And you choose between 6 different design options to see what personalized your husband best.

3) Personalized BBQ Meat Branding Iron

Let’s stay in the BBQ category with this gift. This branding iron with interchangeable letters is an awesome retirement gift for your husband! It’s a funny gift, when you’re having a family BBQ in summer, your husband can easily label his meat with his name or a funny text.

4) Charcoal BBQ Grill

Is your husband a BBQ lover? And does he has plans to do a lot of grilling in retirement? Then this charcoal BBQ grill with an offset smoker is a great retirement gift. It’s a traditional charcoal grill with a small smoker to use separately, the perfect combination for dual style barbecuing.

5) Dom Perignon Gift Basket

Dom Perignon Greetings – Wine Gift Basket

Celebrate your husband’s retirement with a Dom Perignon Gift Basket. Because a celebration calls for champagne, and why not celebrate it with the world’s best vintage champagne. This gift basket contains a bottle of Dom Perignon and all sorts of treats and snacks for you to enjoy the first retirement days together.

6) Go Pro Hero Camera

In retirement, you and your husband are probably going to do lots of things you love to do. Perhaps, you’ve planned a lot of new adventures and exciting trips together or you’re planning on enjoying your retirement days as much as possible with your grandchildren. Whatever your husband or you both have planned for retirement, capturing these moments makes it possible to never forget all the great memories.

When you’ve planned all sorts of (travel) trips then I can highly recommend gifting your husband a GoPro Hero camera. It’s the most versatile, compact, and easy to use film and photo camera for any circumstance, whether your husband wants to capture traveling, doing sports, or his favorite hobby. This camera produces high-quality and smooth photos and videos.

7) Personalized (whiskey) Barrel

Does your husband love whiskey, tequila, brandy, or cognac? Then he will love this personalized barrel. He can store, serve, and age his favorite drink in this two-liter oak barrel. A perfect retirement gift for his man-cave, home bar, or countertop. The barrel comes with a stand and it includes instructions for curing before using and for creating and aging all sorts of spirits. You can personalize the barrel with your husband’s name or initials.

8) Funny Whiskey Glass

This funny whiskey glass with the text: “The Legend has Retired” is the perfect addition when you buy the personalized whiskey barrel. Or when you just want to buy a funny whiskey glass as a retirement gift for your husband. When your husband is a whiskey lover, you can’t go wrong with this funny whiskey glass!

9) Funny Coffee Mug

Retirement is the perfect time to sit back and relax and enjoy a good cup of coffee. And with this funny coffee mug, you and your husband for sure will have a few laughs about it. It has the funny text: “Retired. Under New Management, See Spouse for Details” on it. You can jazz it up by placing your husband’s favorite candies, cookies, and chocolates inside.

10) Funny Beer glass: “Retired. I worked my whole life for this beer!”

A beer lover will love getting a funny beer glass from his wife. Because beer will taste a lot better once you’re retired. Or maybe it just always tastes good. But it’s even more fun drinking beer out of a funny retirement glass.

11) Funny Beer glass: “This Beer Tastes A Lot Like I’m Not Going To Work Tomorrow”

This beer glass with the text This Beer Tastes A Lot Like I’m Not Going To Work Tomorrow, holds up to 15 ounces. The text is dishwasher safe so it’s easy to clean. A classic design, which makes drinking a beer even more fun!

12) Stainless Steel Tumbler: “The Legend Has Retired”.

Is your husband looking for a break from his beers? Time for some wine maybe, or maybe he just wants to bring a coffee on the road. This stainless steel tumbler is the perfect retirement gift for your husband when he loves to bring some beverages on the road. The double-wall design makes it perfect for both warm and cold drinks.

13) Beer Can Coolers: “Retired. Not My Problem Anymore”.

Drinking beer is fun, but keeping your beer cold is even more important! Gifting this beer can coolers helps your husband keeping his beer cold when he’s out on a trip or fishing with his friends. Or just when you’re having a BBQ in the garden. The set comes with 6 can coolers, so you can keep that six-pack cold!

14) Personalized Decanter Set

Designed for couples, this decanter set makes it easy to share equal measures of timeless style and spirited fairness. Evoking the geometric flair of Art Deco, the two rocks glasses are etched “”Yours”” and “”Mine,”” while the decanter that unites them is inscribed “”Ours.”” An unforgettable gift for weddings or anniversaries, the set makes an elegant addition to your tabletop or bar. Decanter made in Italy; glasses made in the USA; engraved in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania.

15) Scratch Off World Map

Is your husband quite a traveler? Or perhaps you’re planning exciting travel trips for retirement together? Then this scratch off world map is a great retirement gift for your husband. He can scratch off all the places he has been to over the years. It’s an extra-large world (35×25 inches) map with vibrant colors and made of thick, quality material that won’t tear easily. Your husband can even scratch-off US states separately, which is perfect if traveling through the states is part of your retirement travel plans together. It’s easy to bring on the road or hang up on one of your walls at home.

16) Travel Hammock

This travel hammock is an awesome retirement gift for your husband. Even if he isn’t going traveling a lot in retirement. It’s perfect for relaxing in any place: at the beach, lake, camp or at home. The hammock is made of ultra-light parachute silk material that’s very soft, robust, and dries fast. It’s very easy-to-use and comes in a small package, so your husband can bring it anywhere he wants. And the greatest part is, it fits two people easily.

17) Traditional Retirement Gift: A watch

A watch is the most traditional retirement gift out there. The tradition started at the Pepsi Co company in the 1940s where they gave their retiring employees a gold watch as a symbol: “You gave us your time, now we give you time”. And until this day a watch is still one of the most popular retirement gifts out there. But it isn’t between an employee and an employer anymore. You can give your husband a watch as a symbol of time as well. For example:

  • “Looking forward to spending more time together”
  • “Let’s have the best time in retirement”
  • “Now it’s our time”
  • “I wish you the best time in retirement”
  • “Have the retirement of a lifetime”

This Original Grain Wood Watch: handcrafted with reclaimed American Oak bourbon barrels is an example of a traditional retirement gift for your husband.

18) Michael Kors Stainless Steel Watch

45 mm stainless steel case with Quartz movement with analog display, this stainless steel watch from Micheal Kors is not only a traditional gift but also a very stylish watch to give.

19) Fitbit Health & Fitness Smartwatch

So, a watch is a traditional retirement gift, but why not go for the modern version of this gift with this Fitbit Smartwatch? It comes with Heart Rate tracking, Music, Alexa Built-in, Sleep, and Swim Tracking. A great gift when your husband loves to go running, do sports, or just want to track his health and exercise.

20) Noise-canceling Headphones

A noise-canceling headphone can be one of the best retirement gifts without your husband even realizing it. He can use it for high-quality music listening but most of all for canceling out ambient noise in busy cities, locations and while traveling in cars, planes, and other transportation vehicles that produce a lot of sounds. He will sleep better and will be forever hooked once he experienced it. And this noise-canceling headphone from Sony is the leader in the industry as it comes to Digital Noise Cancelation. It has an extra-long battery life, it charges quickly and folds up easily. So you’ll pick the best one on the market with this headphone.

21) Writer’s Toolbox

The writer’s toolbox is an awesome retirement gift if your husband loves to write and is planning on writing more in retirement. It can also be a great gift if your husband doesn’t have a retirement hobby yet and wants to explore all sorts of options. The writer’s toolbox can help writers from any level to get creative and be inspired. It contains a 64-page booklet filled with exercises and instructions that focus on a “right-brain” approach to writing. And it also includes sixty exercises and other creative games. All designed to get in the right headspace and let the creativity flow.

22) Bestseller Book: 50 States, 5000 Ideas

Do you and your husband have plans to travel through different states in retirement? Then give him this richly illustrated book 50 States, 5000 Ideas from National Geographic for his retirement. He can use it as a source of in-depth travel information and inspiration on Where to Go, When to Go, What to See, and What to Do in the 50 states of America. It showcases 5000 ideas of the best travel experiences in every state, from the most popular to the unexpected.

23) Beer Cap Map

Is your husband a beer lover or homebrewer? Then he will love this Beer Cap Map as a retirement gift. Perfect hang up in his man cave or home bar. It’s made of dark stain, lightweight, and high quality 1/4″ birch wood and holds 50 beer bottle caps.

24) Golf Set

If your husband has plans to start golfing in retirement, then this complete beginner’s golf set is a great retirement gift idea. The best retirement gifts are the gifts that match the plans of the retiree in retirement. So if he wants to golf, why not give him a golf set. This golf set from the famous brand Wilson is the #1 bestseller and has a super game improvement design that focuses on generating more distance for beginner golfers. It contains 9 clubs and 3 headcovers including a lightweight ergonomic bag featuring a self-activating stand and numerous pockets.

25) Digital Photoframe

This Digital Picture Frame is such a fun retirement gift. Your whole family can connect to this device from anywhere in the world to share their photos instantly. It’s a great retirement gift where your husband can see what your far-away family, children, and grandchildren are up to doing. They can send in photos of their adventures and your husband can use it also to display your favorite photos. A great retirement gift for both of you!

26) Funny Retired T-shirt “I’m Retired. I’m Free to Do What My Wife Tells Me to Do”

This shirt is a funny gift to give to your husband. If you love to tease each other I would definitely recommend buying this T-shirt as a retirement gift.

27) Funny T-shirt: “Retired Under New Management. See Spouse For Details”

Do we need to say more about this shirt? It’s funny! Time for a good laugh with your husband.

28) Funny Retirement T-shirt: “The Legend Has Officially Retired If You Want To Talk You’ll Be Charged A Consulting Fee”

Sometimes the text on the shirt just says enough! This funny shirt has it all, a great retirement gift for your husband when he loves to wear funny t-shirts.

29) Retirement T-shirt: “I’m Retired Have Fun at Work Tomorrow”

The last one in the retirement t-shirt series. This shirt is a funny gift for your husband, with the text; have fun at work tomorrow! The shirt is available in different sizes.

30) Kindle E-reader from Amazon

A lot of retirees like to read, and that’s mostly because in retirement they have the time to sit, back, relax and open a good book. But before you want to buy a lot of books for your husband, you can also think about giving your husband a Kindle E-reader and a Kindle Membership with unlimited reading. Then he will have thousands of books in his pocket wherever he decides to go and wants to read.

31) Ultimate Lounge Chair for Reading

If you want to go all out for your husband’s retirement gift you can add this classy Leather Club Chair so he can enjoy his reading in the best way possible.

32) Outdoor Lounge Chair For Reading Experience

What better than relaxing outside and enjoying a good book? Of course, reading from the Kindle Ereader. Surprise your husband with this outdoor lounge chair for him to comfortably read in.

33) Apple Ipad

The most versatile electronic retirement gift is an Apple Ipad Tablet. When your husband doesn’t own a tablet yet, you can gift him one for his retirement. He will for sure love this as a retirement gift. Or perhaps he already has a tablet but needs an upgrade. So, therefore, retirement can be the perfect opportunity to give him a better and newer tablet model.

34) Polaroid Camera

Making memories is where life is all about. And when you capture these memories you’ll remember them forever. And this Polaroid Camera is such a cool retirement gift that your husband can use for any occasion: family-time, traveling, his hobby, social gathering with friends, etc. It’s a brand new camera with an old skool approach, where the photos you make instantly get printed. It’s the most authentic way of capturing beautiful moments in retirement.

It’s a powerful 13MP camera that comes in different colors, with a 3 4mm lens that captures every detail and prints in an instant. It also doubles as a camcorder so taking 1080p/720p HD video is very simple as well. And with the free Polaroid app, your husband can even print his digital photos from his phone. So your grandchildren will love this camera too.

35) Funny Mahogany Wall Day Clock

When you’re retired, time is irrelevant. But it helps to know which day of the week it is. And this funny Mahogany Wall Clock can be a funny retirement to give your husband, where he can read off wich day of the week it is. He can hang the clock up at home, boat, RV, lake house to live out his “retired” schedule.

36) Purposeful Retirement Book

When you wish your husband nothing but the best for his retirement, then this helpful and inspiring book is an excellent retirement. In Purposeful Retirement: How to Bring Happiness and Meaning to Your Retirement the reader gets encouraged to discover their true passion, re-imagine their life, and try out new possibilities in retirement. It’s a great book for your husband if he needs help or inspiration on how to move from his world of work to a satisfying and purposeful retirement. It’s one of the most meaningful retirement gifts to give your husband.

37) All-in-one Watersports Board

Does your husband love to be active in the water? And do you have plans to go boating in retirement? Then this All-in-one Watersports Board can be a fun retirement gift to give your husband. Especially when you spend a lot of time with your grandchildren on the water as well. Everyone can get in on the fun with this retirement gift. This watersports board is a Kneeboard, Wakeboard, Wakesurf Board, and Water Skis board all in one.

38) Most Comfortable Mattress

This is a gift for you and your husband. Give yourself the best mattress for retirement: Puffy Mattress. It’s widely tested as the most comfortable mattress out there and will be the best investment you’ll ever make. After 4 years of research, foam formulations, development, sleep trials, and countless hours of perfecting the foam layers, the Puffy mattress was crafted and developed to ensure a sleep surface that will be perfect for a night of deep, restorative sleep. Because you can only enjoy retirement in the best way possible when you’re well-rested.

39) Art Painting Set

When your husband loves to explore creative hobbies in retirement, you can help him a hand by giving him an Art Painting Set. Doing something you love to do is very important to live a happy retired life. And you can be the provider or inspirer of your husband’s new hobby. It can turn out to be a very valuable retirement gift. And this 133 piece art painting set has everything a beginner painter needs. You can even give your husband additional painting lessons in retirement when he starts to enjoy painting and wants to get better at it.

40) Gardening Tool Set

Gardening is one of the best ways to stay busy in retirement. It’s a great exercise for the body and mind. And being outdoors in nature is good for your health, because of all sorts of obvious reasons. So giving your husband a Gardening Tool Set is not just a sign: “taking care of the garden is your next job in retirement”, but it’s also a symbol of a wife wishing her husband a healthy and a nice hobby in retirement. Or at least that’s what you can try to explain while giving this toolset ;).

41) Electric Lawn Mower

Taking that gardening job serious for your husband? You can even add an electric lawn mower if you want to take it up a notch. It’s the perfect retirement gift to make his work in the garden easier.

42) Poker Gift Basket

Full House – Poker Gift Basket

Give your husband this Texas Hold’ em Poker Gift Basket and he will love you for it. It contains an awesome display of snacks, cards, and poker chips he can enjoy with his poker friends. You can add all sorts of items from chocolates, balloons, etc to really design your own basket that fits your husband’s cravings best.

43) The North Face Daypack

A high-quality daypack is a must-have for travelers, hikers, campers, and everyone that loves to be outdoors and staying active. So whatever your husband’s plans are in retirement: having a good backpack is always needed. And this daypack from the famous brand The North Face is one of the best out there. Your husband can use it for carrying his sports clothes, hiking a National or State Park, or carrying it while traveling and going on all sorts of trips.

44) Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Set

Stand Up Paddle Boarding has become an extremely popular sport in the last decade. And especially amongst retirees, because it’s an easy and calming exercise that’s great for body and mind. After an hour of paddleboarding and being on the water, you’re relaxed and calm. It’s an active way of meditating. And a perfect retirement gift for a husband who loves to be outdoors and spending time on the water. He can bring it on the road while traveling or use it on a nearby lake or mild river.

This Stand-Up Paddleboard Set contains an inflatable board, adjustable paddle, pump, ISUP travel backpack, leash, and waterproof bag. Everything your husband needs to start stand up paddleboarding. Perhaps his new favorite hobby in retirement.

45) Beach Gift Basket

Tropical Treasures – Beach Gift Basket

Are you and your husband plan to spend a lot of time on the beach in retirement? Then gift him this Beach Gift Basket for his retirement that you can enjoy both. It contains lip a smacking Jose Cuervo margarita mix and salt rimmer, salty accompaniments, and comes with a beach towel and two margarita glasses. And there is so much you can add to make it your own personalized gift basket for your husband.

46) Fun Beach Game

A fun beach game is always a great gift when both you and your husband are beach lovers. By the way, this Bung Hole Toss game is something you can play everywhere! You’re not limited to the beach. Buy this game as a retirement gift for your husband if you love to play games and have fun.

47) Tailgating Camping Table

A sports fane, enthusiastic camper, or a husband who likes to picnic as well will love this Folding Camping Table as a retirement gift. It’s perfect for tailgating, hiking, camping, picnicking, or to use in the backyard. This lightweight camping table features an insulated cooler, 4 cup holders, and a food basket. It also comes with a travel bag for easy carry-on and storage.

48) Tailgating Foldable Camping Chair

When you buy the folding camping table, you must include some chairs as well. Otherwise, you need to sit on the ground which is less comfortable. Combine these two gifts and you have a unique retirement gift for your husband.

49) A Framed Photo on Canvas

You can surprise your husband with a framed photo on canvas. You can choose a favorite photo of you two together are have a family photo especially made for this occasion. He can hang it up at home, in his office or boat to always be reminded of his loved ones.

50) Give a Photobook or Scrapbook

Collect all of your husband’s favorite moments and pictures and create a photo book for him. Or you can ask family members, friends, and co-workers of your husband to help you out by sending in photos, anecdotes, stories, and best wishes so you can create a scrapbook. It’s is such a meaningful gift to give your husband. He can look into this photo or scrapbook over and over again in retirement and be reminded of all the great people in his life and all the great moments of his career and personal life. It’s a thoughtful retirement gift for your husband!

51) Book a Second Honeymoon

Retirement is the perfect time for couples to book their second honeymoon. And a trip together can be a great way to start your husband’s retirement in the best way possible. And here are some ideas: Go on a safari in Africa if you’ve always dreamed about that, explore a National Park, relax on a Caribbean Cruise or visit far-away family together. And when you visit a beach, collect the sand and put it in this bottle which will make a great memory.

52) Plan a Family Trip

Spending more time with family is one of the main things people look forward to in retirement. And if your husband is no exception, then he will love to be gifted a family trip together to spend quality time with his loved ones. You can plan a family trip to a theme park to make your grandchildren happy, go on a road trip through different states, go wine tasting, or explore new cultures and countries overseas. Make this trip extra funny and buy matching shirts! Twinning is winning!

53) Tickets To a Sports Game

When your husband is a sports fan and has a favorite team then you couldn’t make him any happier than with tickets to his favorite sports or sports team. You can gift him two tickets to enjoy together if you’re into sports as well or give him multiple tickets so he and his friends can enjoy the game together. Besides a sports game, you can also consider gifting him tickets to a theater, museum, theme park, concert, or festival.

When your visiting concerts, games, and other things together quite often, this box is a great retirement gift for your husband. So that he can collect all the tickets from the previous events you’re visiting together.

54) A Bucket List Experience

Make the most out of your husband’s retirement by gifting him a bucket list experience. It can be the greatest start of this new chapter in his life where this experience can fuel many more of his adventures. Make sure to investigate what his ultimate dream is or what items are on his bucket list in retirement beforehand without any suspicions so you can surprise him. And choose whatever experience fits your budget and plans best. You can make your husband’s dream come true and that is something he will appreciate and remembers forever.

This book; The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small is a great retirement gift for your husband when looking for bucket list inspiration.

55) Comfortable Golf Shoes

When your husband loves to play golf, it might be time to give him a pair of new golf shoes as a retirement gift. He’s probably going to play a lot more golf now that he’s retired!

56) Funny Golf Ball Storage Bag

Another great retirement gift is golf-related as well. This funny storage bag for his golf balls is just hilarious to give as a retirement gift. A perfect gift when you love to prank each other once in a while.

57) Funny Golf T-Shirt

If your husband is planning to play a lot of golf in his retirement, you might want to give him this funny retirement t-shirt with the text ‘My Retirement Plan’ and a golf ball printed on it. The shirt is available in different sizes.

58) Funny Apron Retirement Under New Management

Suppose your husband is going to improve his cooking skills and is planning to make some delicious meals during his retirement. He needs an apron if he’s busy in the kitchen all the time, so this funny apron would be a great fit!

59) Best Selling Book: Project Smoke

Your husband will definitely enjoy this best selling book Project Smoke when he loves to make smokey recipes on the BBQ. It’s the perfect retirement gift for every BBQ lover.

60) Coffee Tasting Gift Basket

There’s a good chance that your husband is a coffee lover. Because almost everyone is 😉 However, when he’s retired, he’s probably missing his favorite coffee from work. So why not surprise him with a lovely coffee tasting box from Bean Box for his retirement.

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