25 Fantastic Retirement Gift Basket Ideas

Someone is retiring, and you’re looking for a great retirement gift basket to give him or her. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

I share 25 fantastic Retirement Gift Basket Ideas in this article with ready-to-go Retirement Gift Baskets if you’re in a hurry. And also tips and inspiration to customize your own gift basket for the retiree.

1) Champagne Gift Basket

Retirement is a major achievement in life that calls for a celebration, and what better way is there than to celebrate it with champagne. So, a champagne gift basket is the ultimate celebration basket you can give a retiree. And I’ve listed a couple of champagne gift baskets below to make things easier for you:

  • Dom Perignon Gift Basket – an extravagant gift basket with the world’s best vintage champagne, Dom Perignon. And gourmet snacks and sweets.
  • Champagne & Truffles Wine Gift Basket – an elegant gift basket with your choice of wine and/or champagne, chocolates, and truffles. You can add an extra bottle of Moet & Chandon Champagne.
  • Spa and Champagne Gift Basket – a gift basket that contains a choice of wine or champagne, a collection of home spa essentials, and savory snacks.

2) Retirement Bucket List Gift Basket

Retirement is the time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do: outlive your bucket list. So a bucket list basket is a great idea to give someone for retirement. You fill up a bucket with all sorts of items related to the retiree’s bucket list (if he/ she has one) or with ideas for their retirement bucket list.

DIY Bucket List Gift Basket

3) Beer Gift Basket

Is the retiree a beer lover or homebrewer? Then a beer gift basket is a great gift for his or her retirement. You can fill up a crate, bucket, or tub with his or her favorite beers and snacks. And you can also add a couple of these items:

Maybe you don’t want to create a Beer Gift Basket yourself but are keen to buy a complete one. I can recommend buying this Around The World Beer Basket from Gourmet Gift Baskets. It contains several beers from all over the world, and includes some delicious snacks as well!

4) Wine Gift Basket

Wine Extravaganza - Wine Gift Basket

In retirement, every day is Saturday. And every day there’s a happy hour. And a wine gift basket with amazing wines and delicious snacks can be the ultimate gift for a retiree who loves to drink wine. You can create your own gift basket for the retiree, but when you don’t know what to do. Or don’t have enough time you can order a ready to go Wine Extravaganza Gift Basket here from Design It Yourself Gift Baskets. This basket is filled with snacks, sweets, and your choice of three wines or champagne. And you can add extra sweets, snacks, balloons and other gifts to your liking.

5) Beach Gift Basket

Tropical Treasures - Beach Gift Basket

Going to the beach is a popular activity for many retirees. And if the retiree lives near a beach, plans to move to Florida or another beach state. Or has plans to travel to many beach destinations in retirement, then a Beach Gift Basket is a fun gift. You can order a ready to go Beach Gift Basket or design your own and add items like the following ideas: 

6) Relax Gift Basket

Just Relax - Spa Gift Basket

Perhaps, the retiree is looking forward to relaxing in retirement. And he or she expressed that to you many times. So, you can help him or her out with a Relax Gift Basket. And here are a couple of ideas you can add to your do it your self relax gift basket:

7) BBQ Gift Basket

Backyard BBQ - Grilling Gift Basket

Is the retiree is looking forward to some Grillin and Chillin in retirement, then a BBQ Gift Basket is probably the best retirement gift out there. Check out the ready to go Backyard BBQ Grilling Gift Basket or my ideas for a do it yourself BBQ Gift Basket below:

8) Picnic Gift Basket

Picnic In The Park - Picnic Gift Basket

Retirees have a lot more time on their hands in retirement, and enjoying a picnic could be one of the things they like to do or are looking forward to. If you know if the retiree loves a good picnic then a picnic gift basket is a great idea for a retirement gift. You can customize the gift basket with items for a more romantic picnic in the parc with their spouse, a cool picnic gift basket to enjoy with their grandchildren or items for a great picnic with friends on the beach. Whatever the plans of the retiree, you can adjust the products to your liking.

Check out the ready-to-go Picnic Gift Basket with your choice of two wines or champagne, savory gourmet crackers, cheese, sausage, etc. Or build your own gift basket with these fun items and ideas below:

9) Chocolate Gift Basket

For the love of Chocolate - Chocolate Gift Basket

Chocolate makes everything better! Well if that’s the case of the retiree, you’ve found yourself the perfect gift to give him or her for retirement: a chocolate gift basket. You can fill up a basket with all sorts of chocolate you can find: from cookies, candy bars, hot cocoa to the retiree’s favorite chocolates and candies. Sounds pretty easy, right? Well, here are some extra chocolate-related ideas you can add to the gift basket as well.

10) Movie Night Gift Basket

Double Feature - Movie Night Gift Basket

Does retiree love to watch movies? Then a Movie Night Gift Basket is a fun retirement gift to give the retiree. You can fill up the basket with popcorn, candies and even add a subscription to a streaming service or a gift card for a movie theater nearby. Check out this ready to go Movie Night Gift Basket or these fun ideas to create your own movie night gift basket:

11) Lottery Gift Basket

Wish the retiree a lot of luck in retirement with a get Lottery Gift Basket. On Pinterest, you can explore all sorts of creative ideas on how to create a lottery gift basket that’s filled with lottery tickets. And if you want to prank the retiree you can find all sorts of fake lottery tickets here.

12) Golf Gift Basket

Cuisine on the Green - Golf Gift Baskets

Golfing is a popular hobby in retirement and if the newly retiree loves to do it too or has plans to go golfing in retirement: a golf gift basket is an excellent retirement gift. Here is a ready-to-go Golf Gift Basket with a cooler shaped like a golf bag and filled with golf must-haves and essentials. You can customize and add items to your liking. Or create your own Golf Gift basket with these fun ideas and items below:

13) Tennis Gift Basket

Match Point - Tennis Gift Basket

Do you want to give the retiree a Tennis Gift Basket? Check out this ready to go Tennis Gift Basket or these ideas below to build your own tennis gift basket:

14) Art Gift Basket

The Adults & Crafts Crate

A lot of people like to get creative in retirement. By giving an Art Gift Basket, you stimulate them towards a new hobby in retirement. And they might want to thank you for it later because having a fun hobby in retirement is important for a happy and healthy retired life. Perhaps the retiree wants to get creative and explore different art hobbies, so you can make a gift basket with different art projects they can explore. Or perhaps they have their mind made upon painting, jewelry making, writing, knitting, or photography, and you can create a gift basket with only items for that particular creative hobby.

They’re so many cool gift baskets you can create. Check out this Coloring Book & Wine Gift Basket. Or these great ideas to fill up your own art gift basket:

15) Whiskey Gift Basket

A retiree who loves to drink whiskey will for sure love to get a Whiskey Gift Basket. You can fill a basket with his or her favorite whiskey or a variety of whiskeys (whiskey tasting set) for him or her to try out in retirement. And add extra items to make your gift basket complete. And here are a couple of ideas:

16) Poker Gift Basket

Full Boat - Poker Gift Basket

Retirement is a great time to play poker with your friends. And if you know the retiree loves to play a bit of poker, then he or she for sure well love getting a Poker Gift Basket for retirement. Check out this ready-to-go Poker Gift Basket that is jam-packed with delicious snacks, poker chips and also a deck of cards. Customize it to your liking or get creative and create a Poker Gift Basket yourself with these poker items and ideas:

17) Spa Gift Basket

Totally Spa

When a retiree is looking forward to unwinding, relax and destress in retirement, you can help them a hand by giving a nice Spa Gift Basket for retirement. Perhaps, you know the retiree’s favorite Spa products which you can fill a basket with, get a ready-to-go Spa Gift Basket, or create a gift basket with nice spa products yourself. To help you out creating your own Spa Gift Basket I’ve listed a couple of items and ideas below:

18) Retiree’s Favorites Gift Basket

Breakfast for Two - Gourmet Gift Basket

Fill up a basket with all the retiree’s favorite candies, chocolates, cookies, coffee, tea, wine, beer, games, products, etc. It will for sure be a hit as a retirement gift.

19) Enjoy With Grandkids Gift Basket

One of the biggest reasons for people to retire is to spend more time with their families. Especially when they have grandchildren. Most grandparents want to spend as much quality time with their grandchildren as possible in retirement. And you can accommodate this wish by giving a fun gift basket that they’ll both enjoy together. Make sure you know the grandchildren’s age so you can pick out the best gifts for the Grandchildren Gift Basket. To help you out, I’ve listed fun items and ideas below:

20) Gardening Gift Basket

Garden Goddess - Gardening Gift Basket

A lot of retirees like to do gardening in retirement. It’s one of the healthiest hobbies to have in retirement because it’s a great exercise for the body and relaxing for the mind. Perhaps, the retiree would like to get more active in the garden: like landscaping or creating a vegetable garden. A great gift would be a gardening gift basket that facilitates their new hobby in retirement. Get a ready-to-go Gardening Gift Basket that can you add items to or fill up an empty gift basket with all sorts of gardening related products you can think of. Here are a couple of ideas I want to share with you:

21) Tea Gift Basket

Time for Tea - Tea Gift Basket

In retirement, there is always time for tea. And the retiree can finally enjoy their cup of morning or afternoon tea without having to rush to work or other appointments. So, a tea lover will definitely enjoy a Tea Gift Basket. Check out this Tea and Cookie Gift Basket that contains a rich assortment of heavenly teas and wholesome cookies and where you can add extra products to your liking. Or these ideas below if you want to create a Tea Gift Basket yourself:

22) Coffee Gift Basket

A retiree feels the freedom of retirement the most when they can fully enjoy their cup of coffee in the morning. That’s where it hits them that they have all the time in the world now. And you can make this experience even better by giving them a great Coffee Gift Basket filled with delicious coffees they can try out and accompanied sweets and chocolates. To make their retirement mornings even more enjoyable.

Get this VIP Coffee Gift Basket that contains a decadent collection of coffees from around the world, tea, and a nice selection of cookies and ladyfingers. When they love Starbucks you can get them a Starbucks Coffee Gift Basket. Or if you want to create a Coffee Gift Basket yourself, these are some fantastic items you can add to your retirement gift basket:

23) Tailgating Gift Basket

King of the Grill - Fathers Day Grilling Basket

If the retiree loves tailgating then you can give him or her the Ultimate Tailgating Gift Basket. A great gift that can make their first tailgating days in retirement even more delicious and special. Check out the King Gourmet Gift Basket with all sorts of gourmet snacks that are Fit for a King. Or check out these ideas and items below that you can put in your Tailgating Gift Basket:

24) Healthy Gift Basket 

Guiltless Pleasures - Healthy Gift Basket

When you want to wish someone a happy and healthy retirement, you can put your words into action by giving a Healthy Gift Basket. Check out the following gift baskets:

25) Travel Gift Basket

Check out this unique travel gift basket from WeAreChasingThreads on Etsy

When the retiree has travel plans in retirement, then a gift basket with all sorts of travel gifts is a great retirement gift. You can find all sorts of plain baskets here and fill it up with for example:

Instead of a basket, you can fill up a brand new suitcase or backpack with travel gifts. And if you want yo go all out, you can even surprise the retiree with (airplane)tickets or a gift certificate to go on a trip together.

We travel full-time and made a list of travel gear we recommend to every traveler. Check our travel gear recommendations here and find inspiration to complete your retirement travel gift basket. 

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