16 Interesting Activities For Retirees

With more free time on your hands, you can finally do many activities for retirees you weren’t able to do before. However, over time, your bucket list may become complete. When that time comes, you might face the dreaded boredom of having nothing to do.

To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of interesting activities you might enjoy once you reach that point. Of course, some of you may already know about these, but this article can serve as a reminder of the possibilities out there. So, let’s get started!

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1. Enroll In Exciting Online Classes

Retirement opens doors to exciting new skills! Why not unlock them with online classes? Some of the popular online learning platforms today are Udemy.com and Skillshare.com. But if you want to go for the best, look no further than MasterClass.

MasterClass is an online streaming platform that empowers anyone to explore hundreds of captivating video lessons led by the world’s best instructors. Dive into diverse topics like art, cooking, sports, business, music, writing, and more. Imagine learning from renowned experts in their fields!

Become a culinary master with Gordon Ramsay, master the backhand with Serena Williams, or nurture your green thumb with Ron Finley. Explore endless possibilities with new classes added monthly!

2. Read Books

Life thrives on good stories, and retirement offers prime time to immerse yourself in them. Reading opens doors to countless worlds and characters, all from the comfort of your armchair. Not only is it an affordable travel adventure, but it also brings a wealth of benefits to your mind and well-being.

For one, it can maintain and improve your mental faculties. Books enhance your understanding of people, boost your vocabulary and communication skills, and equip you with tools to navigate challenges. They fuel your confidence and unleash your creativity while nurturing the very organ powering it all—your brain.

Also, reading keeps your mind sharp by reducing stress, strengthening connections, lowering blood pressure, and even warding off age-related cognitive decline. Now that’s a compelling reason to dive into a good book! And fortunately, it’s easy to read anything nowadays, thanks to e-books and e-readers. With a Kindle E-reader, millions of ebooks and audiobooks are at your fingertips. Imagine lounging by the pool, relaxing on the beach, or simply enjoying a quiet moment at home, all with your reading haven within reach.

3. Listen To Podcasts

Gone are the days of undivided attention to learning and entertainment. Podcasts offer a vibrant escape while you multitask, be it hitting the gym, tackling chores, or unwinding at home. Dive into current events, captivating subjects, or even skill-building insights from experts – all seamlessly synced with your routine.

With countless shows on almost any topic under the sun, there’s a podcast waiting to spark your curiosity. Tune in and explore – the world of knowledge awaits!

Ready to find your perfect podcast? Here’s your guide:

  • Websites: Locate the podcast player on the page, ensure your device’s sound is on, and hit play!
  • iPhone or iPad: Utilize the Apple Podcasts app.
  • Android Phone: Use the Google Podcasts app.
  • Spotify: Discover a vast selection of podcasts alongside your music.
  • Bonus Tip: Search for your preferred topic followed by “Podcast” on Google to discover relevant shows.

4. Do A Random Act Of Kindness

Spreading sunshine boosts yours too! Recent studies show random acts of kindness lead to a surge of happiness. Why? You’re making a difference, boosting someone else’s day, and feeling empowered with purpose. This, in turn, lifts your mood and brings a smile to your face.

Here’s the key: small acts, daily impact. Pay for someone’s parking, offer a homeless person a meal, or invite a lonely neighbor for tea. The possibilities are endless, the connections you forge can be truly inspiring, and they can give you a renewed sense of purpose.

5. Become A Trivia Expert

Do you crave interesting stories and the ability to amaze others with cleverness? Start the enjoyable journey of becoming a trivia expert! Picture effortlessly learning different and fascinating facts, improving your mind like a food lover enjoying a tasty meal.

This activity goes beyond just trivia. Mastery leads to a better understanding of the world. Each fact you learn strengthens connections, creating a colorful picture of knowledge that improves how you see things.

Why wait? Let out your inner learner and begin this exciting adventure of exploring ideas. Use various materials, develop a love for learning, and share what you’ve learned with confidence. Remember, the journey is just as enjoyable as reaching your goal.

6. Practice Opposite Day Every Day

While “Opposite Day” isn’t widely celebrated, it’s a fun chance to do things differently. On this day, people switch up their usual routines. For example, they might wear clothes inside-out, use their left hand instead of their right hand, or eat cereal before adding milk.

But limiting this playful day to just one isn’t necessary. Bringing some of that fun into everyday life can make things more interesting. Even though Opposite Day is on January 25th, making small changes regularly can turn boring moments into fun surprises.

By trying new things and being open to surprises, life can feel more exciting and creative. So why wait for just one day when you can add a bit of fun to each day?

Note: Be sure to warn your friends and families about this. As they can misinterpret your actions, especially if they’re around you most of the time. If possible, only practice Opposite Day when you’re alone.

7. Plan Fun Trips

Traveling gives you a chance to learn, have fun, and enjoy yourself. Each trip helps you see the world in a new way, teaching you about different cultures, landscapes, and types of people. It’s like getting the best education possible.

And the fun starts even before you leave! Planning your trip gets you excited and lets you make it perfect for you. If you’re looking for ideas for your retirement travels, check out my travel articles. They’re full of suggestions to inspire your love of travel.

8. Avoid Television And Streaming Shows

Many retirees find themselves drawn to television and streaming services as a way to occupy their newfound free time. Although documentaries and some educational shows can provide valuable insights, excessive passive viewing can have negative consequences. Spending the majority of retirement days glued to the screen can result in feelings of boredom, uselessness, and even depression.

Therefore, it’s important to avoid relying on television and streaming shows as the primary activity or hobby. While this might sound unconventional, it can be an effective and enjoyable approach. 

Resisting the urge to simply sit on the couch and mindlessly stare at the TV or phone screen, and instead actively seeking out other activities, can be exhilarating. Engaging in activities that challenge the mind and spark creativity can lead to a more fulfilling retirement experience.

9. Visit Your Family

Unlike the strong emphasis on family unity in many Southeast Asian countries I’ve visited, America tends to prioritize individual independence. While this close-knit family structure isn’t universal, there’s undeniable value in strengthening bonds with loved ones, especially as you retire.

One way to instantly add joy to your retired life is by spending time with your children or grandchildren and experiencing the world through their eyes. To them, everything is new and fascinating, filled with wonder and magic. Engaging with young children not only brings happiness but also keeps you young at heart. 

Frequently visiting your kids and grandkids is an opportunity to rekindle the innocence and curiosity of childhood, igniting your own sense of wonder and enthusiasm for life. So, embrace these moments with your family, and you’ll find that life becomes more interesting and fulfilling all over again.

10. Develop A New Recipe

Instead of just cooking the usual stuff, why not try making up your own recipes? It’s a cool way to be creative, learn new cooking tricks, and have a blast exploring.

Think of your kitchen as a place to have adventures. Instead of sticking to the same old ingredients, try mixing things up. Experiment with different flavors, try out recipes from around the world or see what you can make with stuff you forgot you had in your cabinets.

You can also try putting your own spin on classic dishes or coming up with brand-new recipes. Have you ever wanted to make your grandma’s famous apple pie even better? Now’s your chance! Or maybe you’ve got an idea for a crazy mash-up dish, like mixing Thai curry with Italian risotto? The sky’s the limit!

Get to know spices and herbs better too. Learn what each one tastes like, play around with different combinations, and maybe even come up with your own special seasoning mix. Who knows, you might even create something as famous as the Colonel’s secret recipe!

But it’s not just about the food – coming up with recipes is fun all by itself. Share your cooking adventures with your friends and family, write down your recipes, and maybe even join some online groups where people share their love of food.

11. Become A Volunteer

For many retirees, volunteering isn’t just a pastime, it’s a path to fulfillment. Why? The benefits of volunteer work reach far beyond helping others, enriching your life in key ways:

  • Social connections: Combat loneliness and build cherished bonds by volunteering at a local soup kitchen, senior center, or mentoring program.
  • Mental stimulation: Keep your mind sharp by using your skills, learning new ones, and engaging in problem-solving through volunteer work.
  • Physical activity: Many volunteer opportunities involve movement and activity, contributing to overall health and well-being.

These combined benefits—social, mental, and physical—are the recipe for a happy and fulfilling retirement. Volunteering actively cultivates them, leading to greater satisfaction in this new chapter of life.

Ready to make a difference? Consider opportunities like:

  • Serving meals at a food bank
  • Enriching seniors’ lives at a center
  • Sharing your expertise with younger generations
  • Joining national programs like the Senior Corps

So, don’t just retire, reignite your purpose! By volunteering, you’re not just giving back, you’re investing in your own happiness and well-being.

12. Be A Coffee Connoisseur

Imagine savoring a luxurious cup of coffee in the morning. You’re free now, but why stop at simply enjoying a cup? In retirement, every moment can be an opportunity for exploration and delight.

Elevate your morning routine to a world-class coffee-tasting experience. Discover new beans, brands, and methods to craft your own gourmet cup. It can set your day off on a positive note.

Nothing beats the feeling of enjoying a gourmet coffee in the morning as a retiree, knowing you don’t have to rush into work. You have the freedom to do whatever you want with your day.

For a starting point, consider Beanbox, purveyors of the finest artisan coffees from around the globe. Each brew has its own fascinating backstory, adding an extra layer of richness to your morning ritual. Enjoy a steady supply with their convenient subscription service. To learn more, visit here.

13. Upcycle An Item

Have an everyday item lying around you no longer need? Give it a new life through upcycling!

Upcycling is similar to recycling. However, while both aim to reduce waste, they have one key distinction: the material’s form after processing.

Recycling breaks down materials like paper into their base components to create new products. For example, recycled paper undergoes pulping and processing to become new paper again.

Meanwhile, upcycling repurposes materials without destroying their original form. Instead, you directly transform them into new, sometimes more valuable, items. Take old newspapers, for instance, and upcycle them to create papier-mâché figures or decorative bowls.

Upcycling offers a fun and rewarding activity for retirees. Simply use items you already have at home to create something entirely new, whether it’s a useful product or a unique piece of art.

Start upcycling today and turn everyday objects into treasures!

14. Craft And Create

Many retirees love to get creative because it’s what their life lacked for many years. Therefore getting crafty is an interesting thing to do in retirement.

And did you know that doing a creative activity contributes to better aging? It gives a sense of purpose and boosts self-esteem, you’ll live a more happy retired life.

But where to start? For example, my retired mom and mother-in-law love to do diamond painting. They can do it for hours on end. It’s kind of a meditation for them.

But when you like to explore all sorts of interesting craft projects, you can subscribe to the Arts and Crafts Crate from CrateJoy. A crate filled with new arts and crafts projects will be sent to your door every month. It allows you to learn a new craft technique every time. Or you can get the book: 365 Days of Art, an inspiring journal with creative exercises for every day of the year.

15. Listen To New Music

With over 100 million songs on Apple Music alone, and likely only a few hundred in your current playlist, retirement becomes a fantastic opportunity to explore and enjoy new music!

Often, we fall into the habit of replaying familiar favorites. But why not spice things up by venturing into new sonic territory?

Platforms like Spotify offer free access to entire albums and personalized recommendations based on your existing preferences. It’s a gateway to a vast, unexplored musical world waiting to be discovered.

16. Check What’s Interesting About Today

While you might think about giving up TV and screens completely when you retire, it’s important to stay connected in some way. Let’s talk about why it’s good to have a mix of media in your life, including keeping up with what’s happening in the world.

Every day is like a new chapter in a history book. Important things are always going on, shaping the world we live in. Keeping up with the news doesn’t just stop you from feeling out of touch or bored. It also helps you:

  • Make smart choices that affect your life and future.
  • Have meaningful talks with friends, family, and others.
  • Understand big issues and debates happening in society.

Plus, staying informed keeps your brain busy and sharp, which is really important for staying healthy and happy, especially in retirement.

The trick is to not overdo it. Look for good sources of news and different points of view. Try out documentaries, podcasts, and online discussions to learn more about things you’re interested in.

Just remember, the idea is to stay in the loop, engaged, and connected without spending too much time staring at screens. Finding this balance will make your retirement more interesting, help you feel connected to the world, and keep you learning and growing along the way.


Your retirement adventure doesn’t stop when you finish your bucket list. It’s just the start of a whole new journey with tons of possibilities! 

The list of interesting activities I’ve talked about might have given you some cool ideas, but it’s only the beginning. The world is huge, your interests are endless, and your imagination knows no bounds.

And while you’re thinking about the next thing you would want to do, why not try reading some of the retiree-related I published recently? Here are some of them:

Happy reading!


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