12 Amazing Retirement Video Ideas To Honor The Retiree

You want to make a video tribute for a coworker, friend, or family member who is retiring soon and you’re looking for fun retirement video ideas. Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve made many tribute videos in my life as a professional videographer and I’ve listed 12 awesome retirement video ideas in this article. So, continue reading.

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Before I share my ideas I want to share something with you that makes creating a retirement tribute video a lot easier. With VidDay you can create a retirement video whereas many people as you like can join in to commemorate the retiree. Everyone and anyone can create beautiful retirement tribute videos with VidDay because you don’t need to download an app, you don’t need editing skills, and VidDay does all the work for you. Sounds great right?!

1) Group Video Montage Of Thoughtful Messages

The most thoughtful retirement videos are group video montages with all the loved ones of the retiree who share a sweet, thoughtful, or funny message. Without pushing an idea on people on what they need to do or say in the video you can leave it up to them with what they want to share. It can be a thoughtful message wishing the retiree all the best in the future, thanking him or her for their contributions and hard work to the company, acknowledging their achievements, or say something funny just to make the retiree laugh. All contributions are good.

You can invite others to join in and record a message between 10-60 seconds that you turn into one group video montage that you share with the retiree on their last day of work, during their last meeting in the office, or at their retirement party.

If this retirement video is for a coworker you can ask all coworkers to record a video message for the retiree. Or you can consider making a video with a mix of coworkers, friends, and family. Retirement is a life celebration so a video with the most important people in their life, both private and work-related is a great idea. But that is up to you. It depends on the moment you want to share the retirement video and what kind of relationship you have with the retiree. Below is an example of a retirement video.

When you consider doing a group video montage I highly recommend using VidDay. It saves you a lot of time and frustration figuring out how to edit a video. And here is how simple it works:

  • Create an account and set up an event page for the retirement video.
  • Invite family, friends, or coworkers to join in by sharing the link via email, text, social media, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Everyone records a video on their phone or tablet and submits their video and photos by clicking on the link.
  • When all videos are uploaded VidDay does its magic and makes a beautiful montage while you enjoy a glass of beer or wine.

VidDay is trusted by companies like Nike, Linked In, Capital One, so your retirement video is in good hands. You can easily add videos, text, photos, use their transitions and arrange the videos in order of your preference to create an awesome retirement video.

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2) Group Video Montage Of Funny Stories

Another fun way to honor the retiree is making a group video montage of funny stories and anecdotes.

Retirement is a major life achievement and often a life celebration. The retiree closes a big chapter in their life and starts a new blank one with a lot of new things to discover. And that is why a retirement video where people share (funny) stories of memorable moments of the retiree’s life is a cool retirement video idea. It’s a fun way to reflect and celebrate the big moments in their life so far.

You ask everyone to share big, funny, laughable, teachable, or embarrassing stories in a video to honor or make fun of the retiree. And share also why that moment is a memorable moment they’ll never forget. Preferably you want to ask people to create videos that are no longer than 1 minute, so it doesn’t the entire video montage doesn’t become too long and boring to watch.

3) Group Video Montage Of 1-Minute Toasts

Just as I mentioned earlier. Retirement is a life celebration. And what is a clebration without champagne?

In this time of social distancing or living far away you can still do a champagne toast with other people to honor the retiree. You just record it on video and make a group video montage of 1-minute toasts. And here is how it works:

Make sure everyone who joins the retirement video has the exact same glass of champagne filled with champagne or sparkling wine. Ask all participants to do the exact same action in the video: grab the glass with the right hand outside the screen, make a toast, and put the glass away with their left hand also outside the screen. And you as the first one in the video can pop the bottle of champagne make the first toast and pass the glass to the lefthand side.

When you create the group video montage with all videos it looks like everyone passes the same champagne glass around to make their toast. And if you don’t know what to say here are a couple of retirement toast ideas:

  • Cheers to your health and happiness. May you have the time of your life in retirement.
  • Here’s to all the adventures in retirement. Make this new chapter in your life the greatest one.
  • Congratulations on your retirement. Cheers to many years of fun, health, and happiness.

You don’t need editing software to create this retirement video idea, you can easily use VidDay.

4) Group Video Montage Of Answers To Questions

A lot of cool birthday videos or retirement videos are created where people answer the same three, five, or more questions about the retiree. It’s a great retirement video idea when people don’t know what to say in a retirement video. It’s very simple, they just need to answer a couple of questions. And because of the variety of people, you also get a variety of different answers that are either funny or sincere.

The success of the video is in the order of answers, so it’s a bit more work to arrange the videos in the order to your liking. And the best way to do that is to watch all videos and see if you can come up with a nice storyline. Often when you watch all videos you see a storyline unfold and you know how to arrange the videos in a certain sequence. For example, you can group all answers to the same question or do it more randomly to keep getting surprised.

When you want to create a funny retirement video you can ask funny questions or when you want to make a thoughtful video you can ask people to answer sincerely to your questions. Or leave it up to them.

Because you need to edit a bit more for this video idea it is a bit more time-consuming for you. But here is what you can do. You can either cut and edit the video yourself using editing software like iMovie, Final Cut Pro, or Filmora if you have enough time and enjoy doing it. Or you can make things easy for yourself by using VidDay and ask everyone that joins the group video to record one video per question and upload each video separately. This way you don’t need to cut one video into more videos if you want to rearrange the sequence. And you can easily add text (for example the question on screen) and use VidDay transitions etc.

5) Group Video Montage Of Written Words

Another fun retirement video idea is a more silent one. Nobody needs to say anything. It’s all written words with nice music.

You can ask people to record a short video while they hold up a sign with a word or couple of words. They can hold up a sign with a message for the retiree individually and you create one video montage of all video messages. Or you can create one retirement video with one message where everyone joins in. Each person holds up a sign with a small part of the entire message. Below is a video example:

6) Video Montage Of Bucket List Ideas

Create a retirement bucket list video to give the retiree inspiration for his or her bucket list. Everyone that joins the retirement video shares one bucket list idea or multiple bucket list ideas that the retiree can tick off in their retirement

What a lot of people underestimate is that retirement is a major lifestyle change that comes with a lot of struggles. Many retirees don’t know what to do with all the free time and lose their motivation to make their retirement the time of their life. Therefore getting a retirement video filled with inspiration and ideas is botf fun and practical.

It can work as a great reminder that now is the time to do all the things they’ve wanted to do. The retiree can watch the video over and over again during difficult times or whenever they need some inspiration when they don’t know what to do with their time. So when you need some bucket list ideas to share in the video, check out my article with 400+ Retirement Bucket List Ideas.

7) Video Of Career Highlights

A lot of people like to honor the retiree with a presentation of their career highlights and showcase it on their last day of work or during one of their last meetings in the office. Or even at their office retirement party.

If you’re looking for a fun retirement video idea for a true legend in the office, this could be it. You can create a video with a collection of videos and photos of the past and add text to showcase the retiree’s career highlights. Add some music and you’re done.

Next to their career highlights can you add their best qualities in text, other accomplishments and share reasons why the retiree is a true one of a kind. Maybe ask the boss or another person to be a voice-over in the video. And to add to that you can also ask a couple of people who played a huge part in the retiree’s career successes to share reasons why the retiree is a true legend.

8) Photo Slideshow Video

To keep things simple and easy but also fun, create a nice slide show video filled with fun photos of the retiree’s life and career and add a bit of music. You can ask people to upload their best and favorite photos of the retiree via VidDay and easily create a photo slideshow video.

9) Music Video

Another fun retirement video idea is to create a music video. You can pick out the retiree’s favorite song or a popular song to dance on or sing along with. You can consider coming together with all people and record a music video with each other from one place, for example, the office. Or ask people to record their own videos while they sing and dance to the same song. And you create one music video with all submitted videos.

The best way to do that is to ask everyone to record themselves singing or dancing to the entire song so you can pick out the best parts per lyric. And don’t forget to put on some fun costumes and use props.

As an example, a couple of years everyone from around the world danced to the same song: happy. You can watch the video as a source of inspiration for your retirement music video.

10) Flashmob Video

Doing flashmobs was a big hit a couple of years ago. But you can still do this to celebrate someones retirement. It will defentuelt make their entire day, maybe year.

You can consider doing a flashmob live for the eyes of the retiree and have someone record it to have a flashmob video of the live moment. Or record a flashmob video where you start with someone dancing and as the song goes on more and more people tune in the screen to dance and sing to the same song.

Below is an example of a retiree getting the surprise of her life with a flashmob on the last day of work:

You can find choreography instruction videos on all sorts of songs so that you don’t have to come up with the choreography yourself. Just share with all the flashmob participants and ask them to rehearse before they record their video.

11) Retirement Movie Trailer

Transform your retirement video into a blockbuster trailer just like in the movie theaters. This takes a bit more work to make but if you want to get creative and put on a Steven Spielberg hat, why not?! You come up with a fun concept, make a script and start filming. Perhaps you know a professional videographer that will love to help you with this project. Also, to get you moving you can check out the video below that shows you how to make a blockbuster movie trailer.

12) Roast Video

A roast video is the ultimate payback for a retiree that has a great sense of humor, loves to prank others, and knows how to take a hit. And it’s a great idea when you want to show it at a (virtual) retirement party so the retiree has the opportunity to have the last word and respond to the video.

You can ask 4-5 different people to make a roast video and edit it into one video with the funniest roast at the end. Also, this video is easy to create with VidDay.

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