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Are you looking for a great retirement gift for a nurse? Well, don’t look any further. I’ve researched many hours to find the best retirement gifts for a nurse and listed them in this article.

The best retirement gift for a nurse is a gift that matches his/ her personality, hobby, or plans for retirement. You give a gift that is related to their career as a nurse or a gift that helps them to enjoy the new chapter in their life: retirement.

To help you find the best retirement gift, I’ve listed 50 amazing retirement gifts for a nurse below.

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1) Personalized Stethoscope Nurse Coffe Mug

Giving a coffee mug is a traditional retirement gift. It’s always a good idea to buy a coffee mug for a new retiree. This personalized coffee mug is specifically for nurses. The stethoscope image makes it a funny design, and it’s easy to personalize with the name of the retiree. According to the provided product information, the printing on the mug is 100% dishwasher safe

2) Handmade Painting From A Photo

Do you want to make her/ him cry? In a good way off course. Then gift your retiring nurse a handmade portrait painting from one of her/his favorite photos. This way you honor and celebrate a special moment in the retiree’s life that will be treasured forever. It can be a family portrait, him or her in a nurse outfit on the job, a photo of all the grandchildren, a portrait of a favorite pet that passed away, or an old wedding picture. It’s the most emotional and thoughtful retirement gift you can give.

At Paint Your Life your (digital) photo will be painted by professional portrait artists. You can choose your favorite artist and you have unlimited revisions on your painting. They’re rated 5/5 on TrustPilot.com and satisfaction is guaranteed or you get 100% of your money back. Curious? Visit their website here.

3) Annual Subscription to MasterClass

Ever heard of the MasterClass platform? It is an online platform where you can follow different Masterclasses from the best teachers in the world. The teachers are all renowned for their skills. Some of the most successful and famous people worldwide are giving a MasterClass on this platform.

For example, cooking class from Gordon Ramsey, home interior design by Kelly Wearstler, and Tennis from Serena Williams.

When you know that the retiree is planning to improve some skills and follow different courses, an annual membership for MasterClass is the perfect retirement gift for you!

4) Nurse Retirement Gift Box Set for Women

This complete gift set is the perfect retirement gift for a nurse. It contains funny socks, ceramic stone coasters, and a wine tumbler. The tumbler is double-walled, so can also be used for hot drinks.

5) Funny Nurse Retirement Gift For Wine Lovers

This funny wall mount for coffee mugs and wine glasses is just the perfect retirement gift when the nurse likes to laugh and loves a glass of wine. It has the text ‘Before Patients,’ for the place where you hang the coffee mugs. And ‘After Patients,’ for the place of the wine glasses. This gift comes in a stylish gift box from Gift A Girl. It’s included with some hooks and screws for quick assembly on the wall.

6) Personalized Retirement Plaque for Nurse

This personalized retirement plaque is a special gift for a nurse. The text refers to the unique and special job a nurse has, and wishes the nurse a happy retirement. It’s the perfect gift to honor the nurse one more time before retirement starts. The plaque is made of real wood, so each plaque is slightly different and thus unique!

7) Thank You Appreciation and Retiring Gift Sign for Nurse

This is a very special retirement gift for a nurse. The appreciation sign has a 3D hand made art string in the form of a stethoscope and comes with the text, “By Touching So Many Live, You’ve Changed The World.”

8) Retirement Keychain Gift For Nurse

This keychain is the perfect retirement gift for a nurse to let them know you support them with new adventures in retirement and appreciate the work they did as a nurse. It’s a simple, but a lovely gift to give to a nurse that’s retiring.

9) Funny Socks ‘Nurse Off Duty’ Retirement Gift

This pair of socks with the text ‘If you can read this, this Nurse is off duty’ is a funny retirement gift to give to a nurse who loves to wear clothes that have fun prints. It’s one size fits all.

10) Useful Retirement Gift 2 Piece Tote Bag For Nurses

This handy tote bag has a funny text “Peace, Love, Nursing”. The bag has extra space for storage and comes with a handy stainless steel tumbler. Perfect for the retired nurse to enjoy relaxing days at the beach or in the park!

11) Silver Stethoscope Necklace For Nurse

This is a unique and stylish retirement gift to give to a nurse. The silver stethoscope necklace is something that a retired nurse would proudly wear. It’s a beautiful piece of jewelry and comes in a traditional, classy jewelry box. The perfect retirement gift when the nurse that’s retiring is someone special to you!

12) Redefining Retirement For Nurses: Finding Meaning After Retirement

This book: Redefining Retirement For Nurses, shares stories of 26 retired nurses who have found meaning in various ways after their retirement from nursing positions. This book helps nurses expand their ideas about retirement and how to transition into a meaningful retired life with the skills and achievements they have gained in nursing. One of the best books about retirement for nurses. 

13) T-shirt – A Nursing Legend Has Retired

This t-shirt with the text: “A Nursing Legend Has Retired” says it all. It comes in different sizes, and you can choose between a men’s or women’s t-shirt and between 5 different colors: black, navy, grey, blue, and purple. 

14) Natural Canvas Tote Bag For a Retired Nurse

This canvas tote bag can be used as a grocery or beach bag, and has the funny text: “I’ve seen it, smelled it, touched it, heard it, stepped in it. Retired nurse.”

15) Retired Nurse Gifts Just Like Regular Nurse Only Way Happier T-Shirt

A funny shirt for a retired nurse! This shirt is available in different colors and sizes from Small to 3XL. It’s a fun shirt, with a trendy design!

16) Nurse Nutrition Facts Coffee Mug for Retired Nurse

A nurse has a lot of knowledge, and that’s often underappreciated. So with this coffee mug, you just let the nurse know how great their skills are—a perfect and funny way to say your appreciation.

17) Nurse Coloring Book: A Humorous, Snarky & Unique Coloring Book for Nurses

This coloring book is the perfect way for a nurse to find some relaxation in retirement.

18) I Can Wine All I Want I’m Retired Wine Glass

Often nurses are on call. So it’s not possible to drink and enjoy a good glass of wine. But in retirement times have changed, and the nurse can wine all they want! This funny glass is a perfect way to celebrate their retirement.

19) Happy Retirement Keychain Nurse Leaving Gift

This unique keychain is the perfect leaving gift for a retiring nurse. It comes in three parts, two small hearts. One with the text ‘Happy Retirement’. And the second one with a small nursing hat. The third part has the text “You Can’t Scare Me, I’m a Nurse.”

20) Retirement Necklace, 925 Sterling Silver

This beautiful necklace comes in a gifting box with the text “Happy Retirement, The Journey Doesn’t Start At The Beginning, It Begins At The End.”

It’s a gift you give to someone close and special to you.

21) Funny Retirement Gift For Nurse – Attatoy Plush Kidney

A funny reminder of the things a nurse has dealt with during her career. All kinds of organs have crossed her path somehow when treating patients. This plush kidney from Attatoy is a funny gift for a retiring nurse! There are also other plush organs available, so you can choose whatever you think is the funniest and suitable as a retirement gift.

22) Retirement Appreciation Award For Nurse

Blue Sail

This retirement award with unique blue color is the perfect appreciation gift for a retiring nurse. It comes in different designs, and you can easily personalize it with your own logo and text to add a meaningful message for the retiring nurse.

23) The Nurse The Legend Has Retired – Never Forget The Difference You’ve Made Notebook

A retirement is a life-changing event, and many people want to start a journal once they’re retired. This notebook is a thoughtful gift when you know the nurse is starting journaling. Each page also has an inspiring quote.

24) Day-to-Day Nurse Calendar: Jokes, Quotes, and Anecdotes

This day-to-day calendar is a funny retirement gift for a nurse. So she can remember their work with funny quotes and anecdotes.

25) Nursing Themed Memory Frame Box

This unique memory frame box with a nursing theme is a thoughtful retirement gift for a nurse. It’s a multifunctional box where the nurse can keep memorable things like tickets, collectibles, photos, etc.

26) Nurse Appreciation Gift – Natural Wood Engraved 4×6 Landscape Picture Frame Wood

This picture frame is the perfect appreciation gift for a nurse that’s retiring. Picture this ;), your nurse colleague is retiring, and you have an amazing picture together. It’s a unique memory of you working together. This picture frame is all that you need to make that one picture extra special!

27) Nurse Photo Frame

Maybe this picture frame is more of your style. It’s all possible of course. I like this picture frame a lot to give as a retiring gift to a nurse. The description of a nurse is on point, and you can add a lovely picture of the nurse that’s retiring or the both of you.

28) Makeup Mirror Retirement Gift For Nurse

This makeup mirror is a lovely retirement gift when for a nurse. It has a beautiful text “A Truly Amazing Nurse is Hard To Find, Difficult To Part With, and Impossible To Forget.The mirror comes in a lovely gift box.

29) Nurse Practitioner Gifts Mug

This pink coffee mug with the text engraved in gold shiny letters, “She Works Willingly With Her Hands,” and some related nursing images is a fun and stylish retirement gift for a nurse. The coffee mug holds around 11 oz. is best not to use in a microwave or dishwasher because it may cause scratches of the gold engravement.

30) Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler and Wishing Bracelet

Giving a wine tumbler is always a great retirement gift! This wine tumbler is a unique one to give to a retiring nurse. It has an image of a stethoscope and the text “We Appreciate You.” The wine tumbler also comes with a bracelet or wishlet. It’s believed that once you tie the bracelet, you must make a wish, and once the bracelet falls away, the wish comes true. A funny and thoughtful gift for a retiring nurse!

31) Ceramic Jewelry Holder with Appreciation Text

This ceramic jewelry holder with the unique text “May You Be Proud On The Work You’ve Done, The Person You Are, and The Difference You’ve Made. Happy Retirement.” is, of course, a perfect retirement gift for a retiring nurse. If someone is making a difference for others, it’s a nurse!

32) Nurse Theme Blanket

This super-soft blanket with a nurse theme is the perfect retirement gift for a nurse that’s retiring. Nothing beats a relaxing afternoon on the couch with a warm blanket, right? It makes it even better when you can enjoy this afternoon using your own nurse theme blanket!

33) LegacyBox to Digitalize Old Memories

There’s a good chance that the nurse who’s retiring has many old memories on analog tapes, like videos, pictures, maybe even audiotapes. Perhaps you’ve some old tapes with unique memories of you together! For example, when the nurse is one of your life-time colleagues, you went to nursing school together back in the day. Legacybox offers you the chance to digitalize these memories and bring them back to life.

It’s a thoughtful and unique retirement gift for a retiring nurse!

34) Spa Essentials Gift Basket

Spa Essentials - Spa Gift Basket

Retirement is all about enjoying yourself. For many people, the start of retirement is also a time to relax. The retiree has some time for themeselves finally. This Spa Essentials Gift Basket from Design It Yourself Gift Baskets is the perfect gift basket for a retiree to start retirement in a relaxing way.

35) Nurse Care Crate – Cratejoy Subscription

Nurse Care Crate

Working as a nurse can be stressful. It’s a busy job with a lot of responsibilities. When the nurse is just retired, he or she probably still needs some time to unstress. To relax, to wind down. This nurse crate from Cratejoy has all the tools to relax, to create some time for yourself. Each month a new box with a new stress-relief theme is delivered.

36) Deluxe Coffee & Chocolate Tasting Box

One thing we all have in common is our love for coffee. It helps us throughout our working day. However, coffee at work isn’t always the most tasteful coffee you can get. Because retirement is also a time you need to treat yourself, this Deluxe Coffee & Chocolate Tasting Box from Bean Box is the perfect retirement gift for a coffee-loving nurse.

This unique box comes with 8 different gourmet coffees and 8 paired chocolate bars for the ultimate tasting experience.

37) Funny Retirement Longsleeve for Male Nurse

There aren’t a lot of retirement gifts specifically for male nurses. However, this funny long sleeve is just the perfect retirement gift for a male nurse. It has the text “NURSE because Badass Lifesaver Was Not An Official Job Title.” When you know that the retiree loves to wear these kinds of funny long sleeves, you’ve just found the perfect retirement gift!

38) Funny Retirement Gift for A Nurse: Chill Pill Hook Pillow

It’s time to relax with this funny pillow in the shape of a pill. The Chill Pill Pillow is the perfect funny retirement gift for a retiring nurse.

39) Keepsake Box for Nurse

This keepsake box is a funny retirement gift for a nurse. The retiree can use the box to keep jewelry or other stuff. It has the text “I’m A Nurse, I’m Here To Save Your Ass, Not Kiss It.”

40) Sweater Retired Nurse is an Honor

This unique unisex sweater with the text “Being A Nurse is a Choice, Being A Retired Nurse is an Honor,” is the perfect retirement gift for a retiring nurse. The sweater is available in different sizes and comes in the color heather grey.

41) Alternative Guest Book Box – Wooden Hearts

This guest book box is a great alternative to a traditional guestbook. When you and the retiring nurse are close friends, there’s a good chance you’re helping to organize the retirement party. When looking for something that isn’t the average traditional guestbook, you can go for this box with wooden hearts. All the guests attending the party need to sign a heart with their name.

Alternatively, you can let your colleagues sign these wooden hearts with a personal message for the retiree and give them as a gift.

42) Creative Retirement Card – Wall Art Poster

This creative retirement card wall art poster is also a great way to say goodbye to a retiring nurse. As a nurse you always work in a team, so giving something as a team to the retiree is natural. This wall art poster retirement card might be the perfect card to say goodbye and wishing the nurse a happy retirement!

43) Personalized Retirement Gift – Heart Shaped Art Glass

When the nurse that’s retiring is one of your closest friends, or maybe your lover, this heart-shaped art glass is the perfect retirement gift to show your appreciation. The metal plate is easy to personalize so that you can add your own special message. This beautiful heart-shaped award is made of glass and comes in the color pink. It’s assembled in the United States.

44) Funny Retirement Coffee Mug with Weekly Schedule

This funny retirement coffee mug is always a good retirement gift. It’s a gift you can easily give to a nurse that’s one of your coworkers and is retiring soon. The text on the mug shows a weekly schedule that says “Do Whatever the Hell I Want.” The text is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

45) Wine Glass for Retired Nurse

This stemless wine glass is the perfect retirement gift for a wine-loving nurse that’s retiring soon. It can hold up to 20 oz. and has the text “Happily Retired Nurse.”

46) Coffee Mug with text You Can’t Scare Me I’m a Retired Nurse

Coffee lovers pay attention, please! This coffee mug is a funny retirement gift for a nurse. It has the text “You Can’t Scare Me. I’m A Retired Nurse.” It’s a funny and traditional saying. Retired nurses have seen it all during their working life. These former frontline workers aren’t easily scared. When you know the retiree is a coffee lover; this mug might be the perfect retirement gift to give.

47) Retirement Coloring Book

Most retirees are looking for a new hobby once they just started their retirement. This coloring book can help to relax and take some time for yourself, so you can easily undergo the transition to retired life. It’s the perfect retirement gift for a hard-working nurse that’s retiring soon.

48) Happy Retirement Plant Pot

When you know that the nurse loves to be busy in the kitchen preparing her own meals, this plant pot is a unique retirement gift. The pot comes with only the thyme seeds, not the plant you see in the picture. This pot has the text Happy Retirement, To The Best Thyme of Your Life.

49) Funny Retirement Tshirt with text I’m Free – To Do What My Wife Tell Me To Do

This funny T-shirt is perfect for a nurse that’s retiring and who’s married to a woman. It has the text “I’m free to do what my wife tells me to do.” This shirt comes in different sizes and is available in both blue and heather grey color.

50) Personal Wellness and Self Care Subscription Box

Taspens Organic’s - Personal Wellness and Self Care Subscription Boxes.

Having a moment for yourself is important. Even in retirement. This personal wellness and self-care subscription box is the perfect gift to a new retiree. He or she can enjoy a nice bath, time to relax, and start retirement in the best way possible. You can choose for a renewing option so that the retiree gets a subscription box delivered at home every month!

51) Heartbeat Necklace for Retiring Nurse

This heartbeat necklace is the perfect gift for a retiring nurse. It comes with a card that says “I was born to be a Nurse. To hold, to aid, to save, to inspire, It’s who I am, my calling, my passion & my life.

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