20 Things People Like Most About Retirement

As you’re figuring out retirement, you might ask yourself, what do people like most about retirement?

Well, no need to look further. I’ve asked retirees this question and collected all the answers for you. And listed 20 things people like most about retirement in this article. So continue reading.

1) Having No Rush

After their busy careers, people, like most that there is no rush in retirement.

Retirees love not having work-related stress in their retired life. No boss is bossing around or having high demands that they need to deliver in a short amount of time. Once retired, people can unwind and adjust to a slower pace of life. And when retirees reach that lifestyle, they love it. And live by the motto, ‘If it doesn’t happen today, then tomorrow is another day.’

And the retirees who love the no-rush life don’t feel lazy in retirement.

2) No Obligations

Also, the feeling of having no obligations is what people also like most about retirement. As my retired mom would say after I asked her, what do you like most about retirement? She said, “Nothing has to be done; everything is possible.”

3) Control Of Own Agenda

If I ask a retiree, “What do you like most about retirement?” I always get the answer; “being in charge of my agenda.” And I get it. During a busy career, people live by other people’s agenda; the boss, the company, deadlines, clients, and co-workers; there is little time left to be in control of your own agenda.

And unfortunately, in many corporate businesses, someone’s personal needs are less important than the company’s goals. And that is why employees feel they have no control or get less and less control over a significant portion of their life (working hours). It is one of the biggest reasons why people 10 Reasons Why Corporate Jobs Are Stressful.

So being able to control your own agenda in retirement is a dream coming true. Doing what you want, whenever you want, wherever you want is a newfound freedom people haven’t had in a long time. And one of the important things people like most about retirement.

4) Time To Explore New Activities

Also, many retirees responded that they now finally have the time to do everything they’ve always wanted to do or explore. Such as spending time on an old hobby, discovering a new hobby, learning something new, or working as a skipper on a boat, as my retired father-in-law suggested. They didn’t have the time for that during their career, and now they have. So they feel that they spend their time in life in a much more enjoyable way. And can finally explore new routes, making retirement a fun adventure.

I always recommend Masterclass to retirees who want to learn new things, upgrade their skills, or discover a new hobby. Masterclass is an online learning platform with over 100+ professional classes taught by the world’s greatest in their field. It fits the retirement lifestyle, where you can decide what you want to learn, where you want to learn it, and when you want to know. All from the comforts of your own home. Interested in who these world-renowned teachers are? Learn more about MasterClass here

5) Travel

Most people dream about traveling in retirement, so when it is finally time when retirees can hit the road or fly overseas, they absolutely love it. And as a great exercise to get into the retirement travel dream modus, people like to make a retirement bucket list with the destinations they want to explore and experiences they want to do in retirement.

6) Being Home

People spend 40+ hours outside of their homes to be able to afford a comfortable home. And when it is finally time to retire, people like that they finally can enjoy their own home. And make it an even more comfortable place as a nice new project in retirement.

7) Everything Is Possible

For some retirees, the freedom and open agenda can be scary, but the retirees I spoke to love that everything is possible even though not everyone has a retirement budget where they can travel around the world. Still, a lot is possible. You can accomplish a lot with time, creativity, and positive energy. And that is what retirees who are motivated in retirement feel too.

8) Feeling Of Freedom

Some people get scared when they face retirement because of the open agenda and the amount of freedom they suddenly experience. But the people I asked really love the freedom feeling that comes with retirement. The open road or the open future is not experienced very often in life due to the system most of the Western world operates in. So when the moment comes of total freedom, it is indescribable.

9) Being Physically Active

Another thing people like most about retirement is that they can spend time being physically active. And many retirees take this very seriously because they missed this during their desk jobs and feel the benefit of it. My retired father focuses on staying fit in retirement because he never had the time during his busy career, and he knows it will help him enjoy his retirement as long and happily as possible.

10) Working With Your Hands

Many corporate jobs require only the logical side of the brain and perhaps only a couple of typing fingers. There is often no creativity or working with your hands involved. That is why many retirees love to tap into projects where they can actively build something with their hands because that is what they missed. So retirees pick up hobbies such as painting, sewing, gardening, and playing a musical in retirement.

11) Quality Time With Loved Ones

If you ask anyone who is almost retired, what do you look forward to the most in retirement? It is often answered by spending more time with loved ones.

Many retired grandmas and grandpas make up for lost time with their grandkids because they were too busy to enjoy the young years of their own children due to their jobs and busy schedule.

Or having the time to be available for family members when they need help is also what people love about retirement. For example, taking care of their parents or just helping out a friend who is moving is a joy for many retirees.

Also, many spouses look forward to spending more time together by doing the groceries together, enjoying a nice cup of coffee in the morning, or going on a long-desired travel trip, tc.

Okay, I know. Some people get irritated with their spouse, who is now at home and interfering with how dinner is cooked, and the house is cleaned. Every retired couple goes through this stage.

Even my father was used to having a secretary getting him coffee in the office. So in the first days of retire ent, he said to my mom, “I would like to have a coffee.” And my mom responded, “Yes, I would like to have that too,” and pointed towards the coffee machine, suggesting; make it yourself, haha.

12) No Alarm Clock

Going to bed when you want and sleeping in how long you want is also a thing people like about retirement. You don’t have to set an alarm clock anymore or need to go to bed early because you have a busy day. In retirement, you can make up for all the sleep you missed and nap during the day.

13) Plenty Of Time To Prepare (Healthy) Meals

Many retirees love to spend more time in the kitchen and get the hang of it over time. Even people I didn’t expect to boil an egg are now the main chef in the house in retirement. It is not the wife in charge of the groceries but the man doing all the shopping and trying out new recipes weekly.

It is a fun switch to witness; even retirees didn’t expect to love cooking so much. And that is probably why there are so many cooking classes on Masterclass from renowned chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and so many more.

Taking time to prepare healthy and fresh meals is not only about learning how to cook. It’s more about taking time for yourself or being together with friends and family. Cooking is often experienced as quality time for most retirees and can become a new hobby in retirement.

14) No Traffic Jams

No more hours of commuting to work and no more traffic jams. People love the fact that they can avoid the busiest hours on the road, but also at other places. For example, booking a holiday off-season is a lot cheaper, and also visiting busy touristic places like National Parks, museums, etc are also one of the perks people like about retirement.

15) Time To Start New Project Or Business

People like that they can start a new project or business in retirement because they have the time and energy to focus on letting it grow. That is why many people start small businesses, like selling crafts on Etsy, starting a blog, freelancing as a gardener, handyman, etc. And when it is a passion, the chances that is becomes a success are much higher. And because it is something retirees love to do, it doesn’t even feel like work.

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16) Spend Time In A Meaningful Way

One of the most popular pastime activities in retirement is volunteer work.

People like doing volunteer work in retirement because helping others makes their life instantly more meaningful, satisfying, and fulfilling. It gives their life a direct and higher purpose. They feel they can now spend their in a meaningful way because they can really make a difference in someone’s life instead of making a company more money. And many more reasons I share in my article: Why Do Retirees Love To Volunteer?

17) Discounts!

Who doesn’t love discounts? Once people reach retirement age, there are a whole lot of discounts coming their way, from discounts on tickets to the movies, theaters, museums, and national parks to even free admission for seniors at certain colleges. And when you’re on a retirement budget, it can help you do fun things without costing a lot of money. Even people with enough money to spend like the fact that they can have a discount. Or some avoid it because they don’t like getting older. But hey, you can’t escape it, so try to make the best of it. Right?!

18) Enjoying A Cup Of Coffee In The Morning

The simple moment of enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning without rushing out the door is the ultimate feeling of being retired for many retirees. It is often at that moment that they feel retired and love it the most.

19) Be Spontaneous

With nothing planned or plenty of unscheduled times, retirees can be spontaneous without having to worry about appointments or having to work the next day. People like the idea that they can hop in their RV and hit the road for a fun adventure.

20) Being Free Of Money Worries

Although many retirees stress about outliving their savings, there are also many retirees who feel financially secure and like it that they don’t have to worry about money. They know it is coming in every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about retirement.

Q.1. What Is The Beauty Of Retirement?

The beauty of retirement is the absolute freedom of doing what you want, when you want, where you want, how you want it, and with who you want. Also, being in charge of your agenda is beautiful. Nothing is mandatory, and everything is possible in retirement.

Q.2. What Makes People Happy In Retirement?

Strong social connections, physical exercise, learning new things, having a favorite hobby, and having a clear new purpose in life make people happy in retirement. Replacing working hours with a combination of physical, mental, and social activities is the key to a successful and happy retirement. And, of course, being healthy because health is wealth in retirement.

Q.3. What Retirement People Dream About?

65% of people dream about travel in retirement, 59% dream about spending more time with family and friends, and 51% dream about pursuing hobbies in retirement, according to a survey among 10,000 workers by the TransAmerica Center for Retirement Studies.

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