What To Say On A Retirement Cake? 100 Retirement Cake Sayings

You’re ordering or baking a retirement cake, but you’re probably wondering what to say on a retirement cake. 

Popular Retirement Cake Saying Ideas:

  • Happy Retirement (name)
  • Goodbye Tension, Hello Pension
  • Let The Fun Begin
  • We Will Miss You, Enjoy
  • Best Wishes On A Happy Retirement
  • Congrats On Your Retirement
  • Retirement: Where Every Day Is Saturday
  • Retirement Makes Life Sweet
  • The Legend Has Retired
  • Time To Relax
  • You Worked Your Whole Life For This Cake

Wait! There is more. In this article, I’ve listed 100 fun, unique and classic retirement cake-saying ideas to help you out. So, continue reading. 

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Before You Order or Bake A Retirement Cake

To make a retirement cake extra special, you want to put the perfect saying on the cake. So, you want to make sure the text reflects the personality or retirement plans of the retiree best and the theme of the cake. 

You can think about what plans does the retiree has for retirement? For example, travel plans, hobbies, etc. And see what kind of cake saying in this article fits perfectly with that and start baking or ordering a cake within the same sort of theme. Or think about what fits the retiree’s personality best and create a cake that compliments that even more. Check out all sorts of retirement cake decorations here.

Short, Sweet, and Simple Retirement Cake Sayings

Often, there is not a lot of space on a cake, so you want to keep it short and simple. So, check out these cake sayings below that fit perfectly on any type of retirement cake.  

1) No More Mondays!

2) You Will Be Missed

3) Officially Retired

4) Start Living!

5) The Best Is Yet To Come

6) Bon Voyage – travel-themed cake

7) Dream Big!

8) You’re Free… 

9) Don’t Leave Us!

10) Hello, Forever Weekend

Retirement Cake Sayings For Your Co-Worker

Your co-worker is retiring, and you want to make sure their last day or retirement party is extra special with a delicious retirement cake. And these below cake sayings from funny to sincere are great to put on your co-worker’s retirement cake. 

11) Thanks For All The Great Memories

12) Work Will Suck Without You

13) Retirement: The World’s Longest Coffee Break – coffee themed cake

14) Happy Retirement! The Great Escape – cake with a prisoner (retiree) is escaping from a prison cell

14) Free At Last – cake with handcuffs 

15) The One, The Only, The Legend

16) Cheers To Your Retirement – cake with two champagne glass/ beer glasses 

17) Good Luck On Your Retirement 

18) Thanks For XX Years Of Service

19) Goodbye And All The Best

20) When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go – PortoPotty Cake

21) Wishing You Much Happiness And Health In This New Chapter In Your Life

22) Retired: Goodbye Crap, Hello Nap

23) Enjoy Your Time In Retirement – clock themed cake

24) Eat, Drink And Be Retired

25) Wishing You A Long, Happy, And Healthy Retirement

26) For The Dedication And Hard Work, You Deserve The Best Retirement Ever

27) To One Of The Best People (name company) Has Ever Had

28) Retirement Is Oh So Sweet, Take A Treat

29) Who Cares? You’re Retired – a messy cake

30) Thanks For The Fun, Laughter And Good Times

31) Retirement Is the Icing On The Cake

32) When You’ve Survived This, Retirement Is A Piece Of Cake

33) Take Me With You!

34) Cheers, Now Every Day It’s Weekend

35) Retire From Work, Not From Life

36) Congrats On Your New Job: Having Fun

37) Thank You For The Music (name) – cake with music symbols

38) Jippie Kayee, You Don’t Have To Work Ever Again 

39) Retiring, You’ll Wonder I You Every Had Time To Go Work

Retirement Cake Sayings For Your Boss

Your boss is retiring. If he or she was a legend, you could make sure of that by writing this on the retirement cake. Or you can take advantage of this opportunity by making a bit of fun with your boss. Because what’s your boss going to do about it now? So, below are awesome cake saying ideas to put on your boss’es retirement cake. And make sure to also check out my article with 44 Fantastic Retirement Gifts For Your Boss.

40) Retire Like A Boss

41) You Can’t Retire From Being Awesome

42) By Touching So Many Lives, You’ve Changed The World

43) Officially Retired From This Crap – toilet roll cake

44) You’re Gonna Miss Us – cake with emoji 😜

45) Good Luck With Your New Boss: Your Wife!

46) Now You Can Do Anything You Want, As Long As Your Wife Agrees

47) You’ve Been An Inspiration, Thank You

48) You Were An Absolute Legend

49) A Truly Great Boss Is Hard To Fun, Difficult To Part With And Impossible To Forget

50) Hooray, You Cannot Boss Us Around Anymore

Retirement Cake Sayings For Your Husband

Your husband is retiring, and you want to celebrate this huge achievement in his life by creating a beautiful or funny retirement cake. Check out these cake saying ideas for your husband’s retirement cake below and if you’re also looking for a great retirement gift?

Read more: 40 Awesome Retirement Gifts For Your Husband

Or give him our Ebook Five Steps To Happiness In Retirement, the #1 handbook for a happy, healthy, and fulfilling retired life.

51) Retired: Young At Heart, Slightly Older In Other Places

52) Great Time For Great New Beginnings – clock-themed cake

53) After Years Of Dedication, It’s Time For A Permanent Vacation

54) May You Be Proud Of The Work You’ve Done, The Person You Are And The Difference You’ve Made

55) You’ve Paid Your Dues, Now Do As You Choose 

56) Unstressed, Refreshed, Inspired: Retired

57) The Start Of A New Chapter In Your Life – book-themed cake

58) Congratulations On Working For Your Wife Now

59) Congratulations On Your Hard-earned Retirement

60) The Countdown Is Over – Happy Retirement

61) Piece At Last

62) Congrats, You Made It – cake with a finish line

63) Retirement Just Ahead – road sign cake

Retirement Cake Sayings For Your Friend or Family member

Make the retirement cake for your friend or family member extra special with one of these cake saying ideas. 

64) Best Wishes On Your Next Adventure In Life

65) Make The Rest Of Your Life, The Best Of Your Life

66) May Your Days Be Filled With Joy and Happiness

67) Life’s A Beach When You’re Retired – beach-themed cake

68) Enjoy A Fabulous Retirement, (name)

69) Adventure Awaits – world map-themed cake

70) No Work Ahead – traffic sign cake

71) Retirement Is Not The End Of The Road. It’s The Beginning Of The Open Highway – road trip/highway-themed cake

72) 1. Rest, 2. Relax, 3. Repeat – To-Do List Cake

73) This Cake Tastes A Lot Like; You’re Not Having To Work Tomorrow

74) Retired. Under New Management. See Grandkids/ Spouse For Details

75) Enjoy This New Journey In Your Life

76) Miss Retiree (Year) – Crown and sash-themed cake

77) The Queen Has Retired – cake with a photo of the retiree

78) Oh The Places You’ll Go – travel-themed cake

79) Where One Chapter Ends, And Another One Begins – Book-themed cake

80) It’s The Perfect Time To Live Out Your Bucket List – bucket list-themed cake

81) Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy – hammock/ lounge seats themed cake

Retirement Cake Sayings For Yourself (the retiree)

As a retiree, you want to go out with a bang and treat your co-workers at the office or guests at your retirement party with a delicious retirement cake. And these retirement sayings below are great to put on your retirement cake.

82) Retired and Living Happily Ever After

83) Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It’s Off The Work No Mo

84) I’m Retired. If You Want To Talk, You’ll Be Charged A Consulting Fee

85) I Thought I Retired, But Now I Just Work For My Wife

86) I’m Not Retired. I’m A Professional Grandma/ Grandpa

87) Retired: Not My Problem Anymore

88) I Don’t Have To, I Don’t Want To, You Can’t Make Me. I’m Retired

89) Cheers To No More Traffic Jams – traffic-themed cake or Cheers-themed cake

90) I’m Outta Here

91) Thank God It’s Friday Everyday Now!

92) Retirement Rocks! – rock & roll-themed cake

93) I Won’t Be Back – Terminator-themed cake

94) The Fun Can Begin!

95) I Worked My Whole Life For This Cake

96) This Is It

97) Hitting The Road

98) I Gotta Get Out Of This Place

99) Yes, I’m Free

100) Bye, Felicia

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