250 Things You Can Do With Your Life After Retirement

As your retirement is coming closer, you might ask yourself one of the following questions: What should I do with my life after retirement? Or what do I want to do with my life after retirement?

Well, no need to look further because I’m here to help you live your best life after retirement. I’ve listed 250 amazing things you can do with your life after retirement to give you enough ideas and inspiration to get started on how to spend your time in retirement.

1) Cook Like A Pro

2) Play A Musical Instrument

3) Write A Book/ Poetry or Music

4) Grow Vegetables

5) Gardening

There is an amazing online gardening class on Masterclass by Ron Finley.

6) Volunteer Work

  • Habitat For Humanity
  • VolunteerMatch.org
  • Just Serve.org 
  • Volunteer.gov
  • Feeding America.org
  • Peace Corps
  • Check local charities and soup kitchens for volunteer opportunities

7) Become A Teacher

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8) Follow (Online) Classes

Masterclass is one of the best platforms to follow online classes and the only platform where you can learn from the world’s best in their field. Curious?

9) Meditate

10) Babysit Your Grandchildren

11) Start A Business

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12) Become A Foster Grandparent

13) Be A Sports/ Life/ Career Coach

14) Get Mentally Fit

15) Exercise

16) Join A Club

17) Join A Team

18) Read

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19) Live Abroad

20) Move Closer To Family

21) Live In A Smaller House

22) Be A Tourguide

23) Remodel Your House

24) Start An Art Project

25) Start Tutoring

26) Learn Home Repairs

27) Learn Car Repairs

28) Dance

29) Surfing

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30) Get Your Scuba Dive Certificate

31) Go Back To School

32) Go On Adult Summercamp

33) Restore Classic Car

34) Create Family History Book

35) Start Brewing

36) Learn CPR and First Aid

37) Learn A New Language

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38) Visit all the 50 states in the US

39) Do an Amazon River Cruise

40) Make a Eurotrip by car, train, or boat

41) Make A Road Trip

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42) Go to all the US National Parks

43) Drive route 66

44) See the northern lights (Alaska or Scandinavia)

45) Explore the Everglades in Florida

46) Visit Cuba

47) Visit Alcatraz in San Francisco

48) Start Baking

49) See the Niagara Falls

50) See Buckingham Palace in London

51) Ride the Orient Express

52) See the Great Migration in Masai Mara (Kenya) or Serengeti (Tanzania)

53) Take a Caribbean Cruise

54) Ride the Trans-Siberian Railway

55) Visit Machu Picchu, Peru

56) Walk on the Salt Flat (Salar de Uyuni), Bolivia

57) Explore Patagonia, Chile/Argentina

58) Walk the Great Wall, China

59) Go on a Mississippi River Cruise

60) Renew Your Wedding Vows

61) Organize a Suprise Party

62) Build your Family Tree

63) Answer a Personal Ad

64) Organize a Romantic Date

65) Reconnect With Childhood Friends

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66) Go on a Blind Date

67) Help a Stranger

68) Organize a Family Photo

69) Create a Family Photo Album

70) Make a Road Trip with your Best Friend

71) Host Game Night

72) Become an Airbnb Host

73) Throw a Themed Party

74) Get a Pet

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75) Be a Matchmaker

76) Bake a Cake for Someone Special

78) Go on a Romantic Getaway

79)Have a Picnic with Friends and Family

80) Start a New Family Tradition

81) Perform A Random Act Of Kindness

82) Create Videos

83) Give Podcasting A Try

84) Be A Dog Walker

More info: WAG

85) Get Into Politics

86) Create A Cookbook With Famous Family Recipes

87) Join A Band

88) Be Part Of A Singing Group

89) Immigrate To Another Country

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90) Become A Consultant

91) Apply For A (part-time) Job

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92) Be A Great Neighbor

93) Find Your Passion

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84) Watch Many Sunsets And Sunrises

85) Visit Museums

86) Have A Garage Or Yard Sale

87) Organize A Reunion

88) Start A Charity

89) Do Something You’ve Never Done Before

90) Live Out Your Bucket List

91) Rock Painting

92) Scrapbooking

93) Antiquing

94) Knitting

95) Calligraphy

96) Candle Making

97) Coloring

98) Cross-stitching

99) Drawing

100) Flower Arranging

101) Flower Pressing

102) Macramé

103) Jewelry Making

104) Diamond Painting

105) Leather Crafting

106) Painting

107) Upcycling

108) Photography

There is an amazing Online Photography Masterclass by Annie Leibovitz at Masterclass

109) Pottery

110) Sewing

111) Soap Making

112) Wood Working

113) Ceramics

114) Mosaic Making

115) Nail Art

116) Comic Strip Book Making

117) Bird House Making

118) Mixology (Cocktail Making)

119) Wine Making

120) Sommelier (certified wine taster)

121) Cake Decorating

122) Latte Art

123) Molecular Gastronomy

124) Grilling

125) Bread Making

126) Pasta Making

127) Chocolate- and pâtisserie-making

128) Hot Sauce Making

129) Cheese Making

130) Archery

131) Swimming

132) Biking

133) Bowling

134) Golfing

135) Hiking

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136) Ice Skating

137) Martial Arts

138) Running

139) Tennis

140) Bird Watching

141) Camping

142) Geocaching

143) Fishing

144) Kayaking

145) Sailing

146) Snorkeling

147) Skiing

148) Snowboarding

149) River Rafting

150) Ballet

151) Flag Football

152) Basketball

There is a fun Basketball Online MasterClass taught by Stephen Curry

153) (Aqua) Aerobics

154) Volleyball

155) Dating

For more information, read my article: How To Meet Senior Singles

156) Join A Dinner Club

157) Become A Wedding Officiant

158) Acting

159) Organize Fun Bingo Nights

160) Start A Wine Tasting Club

161) Team Sports With Other Retirees

162) Dog Training

163) Line Dancing

164) Cheerleading

165) Board Gaming

166) Cross Word Puzzles

167) Home Decorating

168) Jigsaw Puzzling

169) Soccer

170) Inline Skating

171) Origami

172) 3D Puzzling

173) Journaling

174) Write Your Memoirs

175) Woodcarving

176) Aquascaping

177) Run A Marathon

178) Beekeeping

179) Horseback Riding

180) Blacksmithing

181) Pickleball

182) Squash

183) Padel

184) Boules, Pétanque, Bocce

185) Cricket

186) Curling

187) Do City Walks

188) Become A Senior Buddy

189) Create Your Own Dollhouses

190) Spinning Yarn

191) Cardmaking

192) Play Chess

193) Railway Modelling

194) Attend the Mardi Grass in New Orleans

195) Attend Burning Man Festival in Nevada

196) Experience New Year’s Eve in New York

197) Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland

198) Visit the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

199) Attend the Carnival in São Vicent, Cape Verde Islands

200) Drink a Beer at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

201) Attend the Tomatina Festival in Spain

202) Visit the Lantern Festival in Thailand

203) Go to the Palio Horse Race in Siena, Italy

204) Visit Borobudur Temple on Buddha Day, Indonesia

205) Go To The Cheese Market in Gouda, the Netherlands

206) See the Weeki Wachee Mermaids, Florida

207) Go to the Gay Pride Festival in San Francisco

208) Attend a Film Premiere

209) Go to a Native American Pow Wow

210) Go to a Cirque du Soleil Show

211) Go to a Drive-In Movie

212) Go To Comicon, San Diego

213) Experience Día de Muertos in Mexico

214) Attend Songkran Festival in Thailand

215) Experience Holi Festival in India

216) Attend the Glastonbury Festival England

217) Get Muddy at the Boryeong Mud Festival, South Korea

218) Celebrate Chinese Year in China

219) Go to Albuquerque’s Balloon Fiesta

220) Attend the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

221) Attend a Masquerade Ball in Venice, Italy

222) Visit the Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling Event, England

223) Attend the Fiesta de Cascamorras Festival, Spain

224) Go to the Up Helly Aa Fire Festival in Scotland

225) Witness The Monkey Buffet Festival in Thailand

226) Perform a Random Act of Kindness

227) Learn How to Forgive

228) Learn to Let Go of the Past

229) Set a Goal and Try to Achieve This Goal Every Day

230) Visit the (birth)Places of Your Ancestors to Understand More About Your Roots

231) De-clutter Your Home To Create Space for New Things

232) Get a Full Body Massage and Spa Treatment

233) Watch TEDTalks To Get Inspired

234) Set a Guinness Book of World Record

235) Make a Difference in Someone’s Life

236) Get a Complete Makeover

237) Go Back to Basics in Nature

238) Eat a Healthier Diet

239) Conquer Your Biggest Fear

240) Start a Charity or Movement for a Cause You Believe in

241) Learn Sign Language

242) Help Someone in Need

243) Get More Spiritual

244) Become More Confident

245) Learn How to be Better with Conflicts

246) Remember Why You’re Here On Earth

247) Make A House Of Cards

248) Spend The Whole Day In Pajamas

249) Eat Dinner At Breakfast, And Breakfast At Dinner

250) Learn How To Be And Live Only In The Now Moment

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