40 Great Venue Ideas For A Retirement Party

When you’re planning a retirement party, you want to pick the perfect venue. The location, vibe, capacity, and costs of a venue are the most important factors for choosing the right venue. Also, the venue can set your retirement party apart from others, which makes it more unique and memorable. So, what are some awesome retirement party venue ideas?

Retirement Party Venue Ideas

  1. Rooftop Bar
  2. Restaurant
  3. Public Park
  4. Campsite
  5. Winery
  6. Bar
  7. Hotel
  8. Banquet Hall
  9. Backyard
  10. Wineshop
  11. Spa
  12. Show
  13. Sport Event
  14. Home
  15. Office
  16. Bowling Alley
  17. Outdoor Activity Center
  18. Zoo
  19. Art Studio
  20. Theme park

These ideas are just half of what I want to share with you in this article. So, continue reading to find out more retirement party venue ideas.

1) (Ice) skating Ring

If you or the retiree loves to (ice) skate, you can host a retirement party in a skating rink. Perhaps there is a skating rink nearby, and they can offer nice deals, including some drinks and snacks before or afterward. 

Or a disco skating rink is also a fun venue to host a retirement party. You can choose a disco or a similar theme for the party and let guests dress up in costumes as well. 

Make sure there is an area close to the rink where everyone who doesn’t want or can skate also enjoy the party.

2) Beach

The beach is always a good idea. And when you know, it will be summer or nice weather around the party date. You can organize it on the beach. Perhaps there is a nice beach club you can book a private area for lunch, dinner, or drinks and snacks. Or you can gather around at the beach and ask everyone to bring their own food and drinks, organize this yourself or let a caterer drop stuff off.

At the beach, you can organize all sorts of fun games and activities. You can watch the sunset together and make a campfire where everyone can make s’ mores, etc. Being outside gives the retirement party a relaxing vibe.

3) Church recreation halls

When you are part of a church community, you can perhaps make use of the facilities of the church. Maybe they have a recreation hall you can use, or someone within the church community knows great venues or even own an awesome venue. It can be very useful to use your network of people when planning a retirement party. 

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4) Farm

A farm is also an awesome location for a retirement party. It sets a nice scene and makes it informal and fun for any age. And there are all sorts of farms out there that are specialized in hosting all sorts of parties. Just google “farm party venue near me,” and you’ll get a list of cool farms in the area. Some are fruit farms, ranches, or other cool venues for a rustic retirement party. 

5) Ranch

Organize the retirement party at a (horseback riding) ranch. If you live in the area with ranches all around then, it’s easy to find one. But sometimes it can also be a lot of fun to invite your guests to stay a night so you can travel a bit further to a perfect ranch to host your retirement party.

Ranches have become extremely popular for hosting events. So a lot of ranches are excellent in hosting awesome parties. 

6) Museum

A museum is a cool and unusual place to host a party. Choosing a museum as the venue for a retirement party makes it very memorable for the retiree and guests. Especially if the retiree loves to go to museums, then having his or her retirement party at a museum makes it that much more personal. 

Not every museum is available for hosting a party, but it is definitely worth it to call around and ask what the possibilities are. 

7) Aquarium

When the theme of the party has something to do with oceans, fish or anything else beneath the water surface, then hosting the retirement party at an aquarium makes it very unique. 

Perhaps the retiree loves to fish or visit aquariums as a hobby. Having your retirement party at an aquarium will be a dream. You can check out aquariums near you and ask about the possibilities. Or check your nearest zoo and see if they have an aquarium where you can host your retirement party. 

8) Theater

Visiting a theater (play) is also an awesome way to celebrate your retirement. A retirement party can be celebrated in all sorts of ways, and if the retiree loves to go to the theater, then this can be a fun idea. You can organize dinner or drinks before or afterward at a different venue near the theater or at home.

You can visit a play together or go to a movie theater. Or you can even make it into a trip to New York City and visit a Broadway Musical with a couple of people. 

9) Sports field/ Court

When you would like to be active at your retirement party, you can organize it around a sports field. Perhaps you can rent out a nearest (indoor) basketball court, soccer field or baseball field. Or you can gather around a public court in the area and create a sort of sports picnic party. 

It’s especially a fun idea when you or the retiree loves to play sports, and the guests are sports fanatics as well. You can make teams and organize an official retirement game during the party. And have drinks, snacks for afterward, and for the supporters that rather watch than participate. 

10) Swimming pool

A pool party is always fun. Nothing beats a pool party with beautiful sunny weather and the BBQ on. Perhaps your pool area is big enough to host the retirement party, you can ask your neighbor or friend, or you can host it a (public or private) swimming nearby. 

11) Golf club

Many retirees love to play a lot of golf in retirement. And if that’s the case for this retiree, then the golf club is the perfect venue for the retirement party. Sometimes you need to be a member to host a retirement party, so make sure to check out the possibilities.  

12) Lake

When you live in an area with a lot of lakes, then hosting a retirement party at the lake is a cool idea. All the guests can come with their boats, or you can rent boats and watersports facilities to make it a fun day for everyone. Perhaps you know a lovely venue at the lake with a beautiful view of the lake in which you book a private area to host the party. 

Perhaps you own a lake house, or someone you know owns a lake house, and you can ask to rent or loan it for a day. It can save you a lot of money on the venue, which will give you more budget for other things such as decorations, food & drinks, etc. 

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13) Ski resort

Does the retirement party take place in the winter, and you live near ski resorts? Then you can consider a ski resort to be the venue of the retirement party. You can even make a whole weekend out of it and enjoy a trip together with friends and family.

14) Garden

Another retirement party venue idea is a garden. You can host it at a public garden, botanical garden, or your own or neighbors garden. Sometimes for a public garden, you need a permit, so make sure you get information from your local government about hosting parties in public areas.

There are also commercial gardens like botanical gardens that also have party venues where you can host your party. Or when you’re on a tight budget, you can consider hosting your retirement party in your garden. 

15) Boat

You can rent a boat to host your retirement party. Or book a boat tour on a river or lake nearby as your retirement party activity. Perhaps the tour operator can help you organize with food and drinks for your guests. Or you can book a package deal with them. Often these organizations will host group tours where they also provide caterer services for corporate parties etc. 

16) Historic Building

Sometimes a historical building in your area serves as a party venue. So, when you’re aware of cool historic buildings nearby, you can inform about the possibilities of hosting a retirement party there. And because a retiree is most of the time “old” of age, a venue such as a historic building can be the perfect fit.  

17) Dance club

When you would like to organize a (dinner) dance retirement party, then a dance club can be the best venue out there. Often dance clubs can offer you a good price when you book the club (or an area) during their off-hours. The facilities are already there, so that makes organizing a lot easier. 

18) Holiday destination

A trip together with your spouse, family, or friends can be your retirement party. Perhaps, you don’t want to spend money on a party at home, but you’d rather getaway with your loved ones to celebrate your retirement. This way, your retirement party will last for days or weeks instead of a couple of hours. So that makes a holiday destination the perfect venue.

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19) Mansion

When you like to host an extravagant retirement party, you can rent out a mansion. You can book an event planner to help you out or check out Peerspace for unique mansions and spaces you can book in your area. 

20) Library

When you think about a retirement party venue, a library doesn’t pop up right away. And it can sound like a strange combination. But there are libraries out there that can be booked for parties. 

21) Rooftop Bar

When you’re looking for a party venue with a view, you can consider hosting the retirement party at a rooftop bar. You can find a lot of rooftop bars when you live in or near bigger cities, but you can use the Rooftop Bar Guide to find a cool rooftop bar near you. 

22) Restaurant

A restaurant is a perfect venue for any type of retirement party, whether big or small. You can host it at your favorite restaurant, a very popular restaurant in the area or a restaurant that can offer you the best price. You can negotiate on a package deal, book a private room or restaurant area, or rent out the entire restaurant for a day or night. 

When you have picked out a theme for the retirement party, you can consider choosing a restaurant that fits the same theme. 

23) Public Park

A picnic in the park is also a great idea for a retirement party. And therefore a park can be a good venue. Make sure to get informed by your city or town government about the rules of hosting a party or social gathering in a public park. 

You can organize all sorts of fun activities to entertain your guests. And you can organize food and drinks in different ways: organize a bring your own party, cater yourself or hire a catering service to do it for you. Another nice idea is to book a food truck to provide for food at your party. 

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24) Campsite

A campground can also be a fun venue for your retirement party. When you’re a camping or RV fanatic, this can be the perfect venue for you. Maybe you like to organize it at your favorite campsite, a new campsite during a fun trip or a campground nearby. Also, many campgrounds have a lot of experience when it comes to hosting events. And they can offer extra fun activities to entertain your guests. 

25) Winery

Do you or the retiree love wine? Then a winery or vineyard is an excellent venue for a retirement party. You can organize a wine tasting, vineyard tour, and have a gourmet lunch or dinner. 

When you live in California, you’re in luck, because there are more then 4300 different wineries in the state. But in other states, there are also a lot of beautiful wine regions to explore. And when you don’t live nearby a winery, you can consider hosting the retirement party at a nice wine shop.  

26) Bar

A bar is probably one of the most used venues for a retirement party outside the office or at home. You can shop around for bars in your area and see what kind of package deals they can offer you. And perhaps you know a cool bar that fits the retirement party theme perfectly. 

27) Hotel

A hotel can also be an excellent venue for a retirement party. They have banquet halls or rooms, including event planning services and catering, which makes organizing very easy. But there also (boutique) hotels that have a unique interior that can set the scene for a retirement party. 

You can organize the retirement party in the hotel lobby, bar, suite, or rent out the penthouse. It all depends on your budget and party wishes. But a lot is possible in hotels. And you can offer your (far away) guests to stay the night in the hotel.

28) Banquet Hall

There are a lot of banquet halls and catered party venues that are designed to host parties. There are there for a reason; to make hosting parties a lot easier.

Perhaps, you know a venue that everyone in the area uses for their parties, and you would like to book it too. It can be very convenient and hassle-free. Most of the time, their services include catering so you can make a package deal. But sometimes you can also only rent the hall or venue and organize catering yourself. You have to ask per venue what the possibilities are. 

29) Backyard

Why not have the retirement party in your backyard? Or someone else’s backyard? It can be cost-efficient and a lot of fun. You can organize food and drinks yourself: a backyard bbq and fun food & drink stations or book a drop off service at a caterer. You can go all sorts of ways: formal/ informal. 

30) Wineshop/ Brewery

A wine shop is also a nice venue for a retirement party. Especially when you and your guests love to drink wine. Often wineshops offer a wine tasting with snacks, or you can organize a full-on lunch or dinner hosted by them.  

When you or the retiree is more of a beer-lover, then you can consider hosting the retirement party at a beer brewery or a boutique beer shop. 

31) Spa

Retirement is often the time to relax and unwind. After working hard for many years with perhaps a lot of stress, the only thing you can think of is relaxing. And therefore, a Spa can be the perfect venue for a retirement party. 

You can invite a couple of close friends and enjoy a spa day together. Or plan a multiple-day trip with your spouse to a spa retreat to start your retirement stress-free. 

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32) Concert/ show

A concert or certain show can be a great venue for a retirement party. You can invite friends and family to join you at a concert of your favorite band or singer. Or go to a spectacular show. For example, Cirque du Soleil, a famous magician, etc. You can gather around for drinks or food beforehand or afterward. 

33) Sport Event

When you love sports or have a favorite sports team, then the best venue for a retirement party is a sporting event. You can all get tickets to a sports game or go tailgating. 

34) Home

At home is one of the most popular venues to host a retirement party, especially when it’s a private retirement party. It’s easy, cost-efficient, and comfortable. Make sure to see if you can host all the people on the guest list in your home. Maybe you have to consider asking a friend or neighbor to host your retirement party at their home. 

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35) Office

The office is the other popular venue for a retirement party. And it’s a great venue when you want to organize a retirement party for a co-worker. It’s isn’t sometimes the best party scene, but that all depends on the company’s culture. A lot of companies do know how to party at the office. 

Also, sometimes a big retirement party is not what you’re aiming for. It’s about creating a moment to celebrate the retiree. And that can be perfectly done at the office. It’s work where the retiree is retiring from, so it makes sense to have a retirement party at the office. 

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36) Bowling Alley

Something different and oldskool is a bowling alley. When you like to do a fun activity during the retirement party, bowling can be a great idea. And a lot of bowling alleys also offer deals for parties and arrange food and drinks. 

You can also consider a paintball center, mystery dinner, or escape room as your retirement party venue. 

37) Outdoor Activity Center

If doing outdoor activities is an important part of your retirement party wish, then an outdoor activity center is a great venue. You can book all sorts of outdoor activities to entertain guests, and often these centers have a lot of experience in hosting all kinds of events. 

Google “Outdoor Activity Center near me” to see what is possible in your area. 

38) Zoo

The zoo can be a perfect venue for a retirement party. It’s different and who doesn’t like animals? You can book a behind the scenes tour for your guests or let guests roam around themselves and meet up at the zoo’s catered venue hall or restaurant. 

39) Art Studio

Doing an art class as part of your retirement party makes it interactive and fun. And therefore, an art studio can be a great retirement party venue. Or when you love art, but you don’t want to attempt to create something yourself, you can host a retirement party at an Art gallery. 

A lot of art galleries have experience in hosting parties and can help you out with your retirement party. 

40) Theme park

When you love to visit theme parks, or you want to pleasure your grandchildren, you can consider a theme park to be your retirement party venue. It can be a fun day for all ages and something different. 

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